Why VIP Membership?

  • We have millions of visitors on NS. Our members prefer to have a private place to call their own. When you sign up for VIP, you gain access to our VIP Only areas and can access VIP Only features.

  • Review Details
  • Gain access to new reviews 2 weeks earlier than the public. See intimate details of the session and read full reviews.

  • Specials For VIP Only
  • Select providers offer specials for our VIP members only.

  • Advanced Search
  • Get more options to search and filter Listings and Reviews. Have the full power of the NS community at your fingertips.

  • VIP Forums
  • Participate in our Exclusive VIP Forums, which are not accessible to other members.

  • Private Forums
  • Gain access to participate in private forums and/or create your own. (Members must be in good standing)

  • Additional Features
  • Additional VIP only provider photos and videos.
  • Control and customize your experience on NS with personlized alerts.
  • Manage your SMS text and email frequency.
  • Allow you to get Verifiedbadge Verified
  • Get alerts when your favorite providers become available.
  • View the top providers and top hobbyist.
  • See which forums are the most active and what topics are trending.
  • Your private messages are marked as VIP
  • And others for you to discover...

  • Enjoy full access for $19.99 a month.

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    Visa and Mastercard
    • Monthly Recurring - The cost will be billed to you monthly and you can cancel anytime. We will cover the CCBill processing fee.
    • One Month - The cost will be billed only once and the membership is good for a month. However, you will need to pay the additional $3 processing fee that goes to CCBill each month.
    • 6 Month - This is a one time charge for a 6 month membership. We will cover the processing fee.
    • Annual - This is a one time charge for an annual membership. We will give you an additional month free and cover the processing fee. (13 months total)

    • You can make your choice on the CCBill form after you click on Join Now. Charges on your credit card will show up as: CCBill.com * Himoto Limit

    Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies
    If you would prefer to use currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

    Money Order
    If you prefer money order or cash, please contact us at [email protected] for details.