Why VIP Membership?

  • We have millions of visitors on NS. Our members prefer to have a private place to call their own. When you sign up for VIP, you gain access to our VIP Only areas and can access VIP Only features.

  • Review Details
  • Gain access to new reviews 2 weeks earlier than the public. See intimate details of the session and read full reviews.

  • Specials For VIP Only
  • Select providers offer specials for our VIP members only.

  • Advanced Search
  • Get more options to search and filter Listings and Reviews. Have the full power of the NS community at your fingertips.

  • VIP Forums
  • Participate in our Exclusive VIP Forums, which are not accessible to other members.

  • Private Forums
  • Gain access to participate in private forums and/or create your own. (Members must be in good standing)

  • Additional Features
  • Additional VIP only provider photos and videos.
  • Control and customize your experience on NS with personlized alerts.
  • Manage your SMS text and email frequency.
  • Allow you to get Verifiedbadge Verified
  • Get alerts when your favorite providers become available.
  • View the top providers and top hobbyist.
  • See which forums are the most active and what topics are trending.
  • Your private messages are marked as VIP
  • And others for you to discover...

  • Enjoy full access for $19.99 a month.

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    • Monthly Recurring - The cost will be billed to you monthly and you can cancel anytime. We will cover the CCBill processing fee.
    • One Month - The cost will be billed only once and the membership is good for a month. However, you will need to pay the additional $3 processing fee that goes to CCBill each month.
    • 6 Month - This is a one time charge for a 6 month membership. We will cover the processing fee.
    • Annual - This is a one time charge for an annual membership. We will give you an additional month free and cover the processing fee. (13 months total)

    • You can make your choice on the CCBill form after you click on Join Now. Charges on your credit card will show up as: CCBill.com * Himoto Limit

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