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Don't be afraid of your own pleasure
Since: Oct '16
Bumped Jan-21
Independent - Escort Massage Dancer
5'0"-5'2" Skinny
San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA escort massage dancer NaomiHana
One : 400
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*Janurary 22 - February 28: "hibernation" Accepting future booking only, inbox will still be attended to.
*March 1: first availability(unless otherwise specified)

About me: A slim, attractive, fun-loving girl next door with soft silky skin, luscious breasts, kissable full lips... Revels in the most sensuous touches; she then metamorphosizes into an ultimate creature of passion and pleasure as two bodies collides and become one.

Prerequisite: A playful and open-minded sensualist with a sense of humor. One who appreciates the enthusiasm of youth but also treasures essence of an exquisite connection. So when two curious minds blends, sizzling fireworks ensue.

Please understand this is not my full-time pursuit, ✒️advance booking🖋is required. I am selective and discreet, and you too, should adhere the same standard. If you'd be so inclined to have a glimpse of what else is going on, please read my likes and Q&A. Thank you for your patience.

Naomi, San Francisco

✨Advance booking
✨Big smile on your face
✨Coconut water
✨Good hygiene practice (love Listerine and etc)
✨Hysterical burst of laughter
✨Perrier lime
✨The word fierce

👉🏻Usually Available👈🏻
Mon: 10am - 5pm
Tue: 10am - 5pm
Wed: 10am - 5pm
Thur-Sun: TBD
I might or might not be able to cater to off hours but it does not hurt to ask
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What makes you do what you are doing?
As a late bloomer whose friends had explored the realm of sensuality years ahead, I always felt I was behind. Towards the end of college I read a book(not Belle de Jour) and was enchanted by the writer’s poignant account as a playmate, while she was simultaneously a barista. California strikes me as a land of reinvention, a place where one could set herself free and indulge in vorfreude (the unyielding anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures--- picked that word up in an erotic novel😘). Conventionally I am a capable office clerk, but it is who I am away from the desk that reflects the real me. It feels liberating to embrace that authentic, candidly sensual, insatiable, albeit unorthodox self. For safety reasons, I have a small circle of confidants who knows about my escapade sans the juicy details. I am 100% my own manager. Cannot say the same about my mundane job*sighs*.

What do you enjoy most in your adventure? What is important and have value for you in it?
That two people are able to connect, in more than one ways, so intensely the energy transcends the unconventional circumstance. That electrifying feeling lingers and leaves one completely invigorated, mmm. Please understand I prefer quality over quantity. I choose my date judiciously and you should be the same too. It is the selectivity that makes the encounter more special.

What turns you on?
Other than the obvious*wink wink*, the most erogenous part of the body is the brain. Your expressiveness tickles my body and mind. Seduce me and be seduced!

What are your hobbies and passions?
This is my indulgence. Outside of this, I enjoy pilates, cross-fit, body-sculpting, and Netflix marathons when it's chilly out. I am also an avid Redditor but I am not giving away my username.

What is your ethnic background?
I am a third generation Asian American of Malaysian and Taiwanese heritage.

How long have you been on here?
I am still new to the scene. Having graduated from college in 2016 and feeling adventurous, I am looking into meeting a few kindred spirits. I am a member since October 2016. I am a proportional 5'1" with a gymnast body type, only more endowed (32C, natural). All photos are recent and true to form. Please click on thumbnails for full photos.

You seem petite. Are you really that petite?
The definite answer is yes. While I am on the normal spectrum in terms of height, proportion and curves, I am compact and deliciously built. I am a take home size friendly pocket rocket. If you are seeking for a statuesque runway type model then I am not your match.

How do you prefer an individual to make an appointment? Is screening required before the appointment?
I can be reached via this website. I love to hear your story and get a sense of who you are so please do not send a one-liner, “Hi”. Screening will take place once correspondence is established.

Do you ever provide a place?
Until situation changes, it is much easier for me to come to you. As much as I desire to have my own nest, for now I can only provide a place very occasionally on and off. Should that occasion arise, I strongly recommend taking it as there is no telling when is next. Thank you for your consideration.

What do you like most about Mad Max: Fury Road?
The flamethrower guitarist is so captivating. If you have not seen already, its parody done by Conan O'Brien is hilarious; its mashup with Happy Feet, "Mad Feet", is pretty funny too. I love penguins but not so much a musical about them.

Key words: down to earth, dog person, cat person, creative, girlfriend, listener, low volume 💋

Hair: Black
Length: Shoulder Length
Eyes: Brown
Chest: 30 - 32 C
Grooming: Bald
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None
Smoke: No
Fun Facts
Hometown: Made and born in nj
Celebrity: Shu qi
Fav Movie: Mad max: fury road
Fav Song: Two weeks
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A lusty, hungry, companion

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