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Porn Star Over 60 Mature Zoe Zane 408-605-3465 ~350 Hour
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Since: Nov '14
Bumped Dec-11
Independent - Escort Massage
40+ White
5'6"-5'8" Curvy
San Jose, CA San Jose, CA escort massage zoezane
One : 400
Two :
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Mature Porn Star Escort Zoe Zane --- Energy Sex Healer.  Your secret is safe with me.

Did you see me in "Aged to Perfection" with legend Kitty Foxx or xvideos? 

Elegant conversations for those who crave romantic cuddles or perhaps a kinky fetish

I was a phone sex girl before escort (fantasy role play female domination (bondassage)

Rewire Your Brain

Don't believe everything you feel or think!

Psych-K  Energy Facilitator - Brain Balanced in a Short Time

Discreet Private Comments said to Zoe Zane:

1.  You are an angel, Zoe.  How long have we seen each other?  Is it 18 years from the Spectator mag?  WOW, that long.  Bruce F.  Los Gatos CA

2.  I'm from out of town and you fulfilled my maxi-ped & nail fetish.  Thank you for going the extra mile for the right colors and allowing me to film my crazy fantasies.  I'm wowed how much you know about video Zoe.  Talking to you in your discreet environment made me be alright with myself.  Bill P.  Southern California

3.  Please do not call be back.  I will call you for your wild life story sessions.  I like how you are in charge.  I love how you change it up with wigs, leather, nylons and heavy makeup.  Mark H.  Santa Clara CA

4.  I want to be naked with you for the rest of my life.  I've seen escorts for years and Zoe our naked cuddle sessions give me what I'm missing in my life.  Nathan T.  South San Jose CA


5.  I had a operation for my male parts.  After 6 weeks of healing, called Zoe for a session, a threesome.  I'm okay and everything is working right.  You know how to make me feel like I'm important and matter.  Fred M.  Santa Clara CA

6.  How old are you Zoe?  I am _ _!  You are amazing!  You made me young again.  Ted M.  Chicago, IL

7.  I waited 10 years, flew from LA today just to see you.  Our sexy nurse experience was way better than I expected.  Dave T.  LA


Hair: Blonde
Style: Some Curls
Length: Shoulder Length
Eyes: Other
Chest: 36 - 38 D
Grooming: Groomed
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None
Fun Facts
Hometown: San mateo california
Celebrity: Sharon stone
Fav Movie: Beauty & briefcase
Fav Song: Only girl (in the world) rihanna
Craziest Place: Starbucks parking lot
Fav Position: Let's get creative
Role Play: Nurse, boss, teacher
Session Types
Men Women
Couples Newbie
Disabled Overnight
BDSM Cross Dressing
Fetish Showers Foot Worship
Role Play Sensual Domination
Toys Voyeur & Exhibit

PHONE Only 408-605-3465

9AM-9PM Cancellations: If you can't keep your appointment please call and leave a brief VM. Do not text me!

Persons who make appointments 3 times and don't keep the appointments will be blocked.

My time is valuable and so is yours. Respectfully yours, Zoe Zane

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May '07 in Sunnyvale , CA
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Old review, just putting a thumbsup on here for her. ZoeZane has ... Read more...
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I've see zoey zane numerous times since RB, where i was teejayboy.... Read more...
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Full Review

GILF who knows what she is doing

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Friendly and definite worth the visit

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