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Porn Star Zoe Zane Sensual Healer 408-605-3465 Hour 350
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Since: Nov '14
Bumped Jan-22
Independent - Escort Massage
40+ White
5'6"-5'8" Curvy
San Jose, CA San Jose, CA escort massage zoezane
One : 400
Two :
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Mature Porn Star Zoe Zane ---Sensual Healer.  Your secret is safe with me.

Did you see me in "Aged to Perfection" with legend Kitty Foxx or xvideos? 

Intriguing conversations can lead to romantic cuddles, perhaps a kinky fetish ?

I was a phone sex girl 1985, then escort to porn star

(fantasy role play female domination -bondassage)

Rewire Your Brain

Don't believe everything you feel or think!

Psych-K  Energy Facilitator -calm your mind, get a better life

Emotion and Body Code

Joe Dispenza Your Tube Meditation

Akashic Records

The Sophia Code

Discreet Private Comments said to Zoe Zane:

1.  You're an angel, Zoe.  How long have we seen each other, 18 years from the Spectator mag?  WOW, that long.  Bruce F.  Los Gatos CA

2.  You fulfilled my maxi-ped & nail fetish Clips4Sale video.  WOW, went the extra mile, right nail colors. You made me be alright with myself.  Bill P.  Santa Clarita CA

3.  Please do not call/text back.  I will call you.  I like how you're in charge and how you change it up with wigs, leather, nylons and heavy makeup.  Mark H.  Santa Clara CA

4.  I want naked with you for the rest of my life.  Zoe our naked cuddle sessions give me what I'm missing in my life.  Nathan T.  South San Jose CA


5.  I had a operation for male parts.  After 6 weeks of healing, called Zoe had a threesome.  I'm okay..  You know how to make me feel important.  Fred M.  Santa Clara CA

6.  How old are you Zoe?  I am _ _.  You are amazing!  You made me young again.  Ted M.  Chicago, IL

7.  I waited 10 years to see you, flew from LA.  Our sexy nurse experience was way better than I expected.  Dave T.  Los Angeles, CA


Hair: Blonde
Style: Some Curls
Length: Shoulder Length
Eyes: Other
Chest: 36 - 38 D
Grooming: Groomed
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None
Fun Facts
Hometown: San mateo california
Celebrity: Sharon stone
Fav Movie: Beauty & briefcase
Fav Song: Only girl (in the world) rihanna
Craziest Place: Starbucks parking lot
Fav Position: Let's get creative
Role Play: Nurse, boss, teacher
Session Types
Men Women
Couples Newbie
Disabled Overnight
BDSM Cross Dressing
Fetish Showers Foot Worship
Role Play Sensual Domination
Toys Voyeur & Exhibit

PHONE 408-605-3465 ~~~ONLY

Available 9AM-9PM
Cancellations: Please call and leave VM. Do not text
Kind regards, Zoe Zane

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tophat kralmma
Since: Jan '17
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Looks: 7.0 Service: 7.0
Reviewed: Feb 09 '17
Jan '17 in Campbell , CA
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GILF who knows what she is doing

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tophat match
Since: Sep '14
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Looks: 10.0 Service: 10.0
Reviewed: Jan 28 '16
Jan '16 in san jose , CA
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Friendly and definite worth the visit

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tophat anon103
Since: May '15
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Reviewed: Jun 10 '15
May '07 in Sunnyvale , CA
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Old review, just putting a thumbsup on here for her. ZoeZane has ... Read more...
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tophat Jack_Meoff69
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Reviewed: May 25 '15
Apr '15 in san jose , CA
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I've see zoey zane numerous times since RB, where i was teejayboy.... Read more...
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