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tophat Dan_w359
Since: Jul '15
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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to pop my cherry with a versatile girl in the San Jose Area. I've tried doing some research but can't find too many detailed reviews on the girls posting on backpage. 

Im looking for the full girl friend experience. I'll probably be so excited that I'll blow my 1st load in the first five minutes and will want to reload and keep playing. I want her to be a little aggressive and very passionate. 

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



tophat d_jnes
Since: Oct '14
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Though her incall is a little shabby, I can recommend exotic heather.  Very nice person and was very patient with me.  And the tool when fully aroused is impressive.  Also big tits!  score! ;)

tophat Dan_w359
Since: Jul '15
pushpin 4 - 3 Reviews

Any info on her? Number? Pics? Now that BP is down it's hard to google search.

Mod icon md tsterrilynn
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Numerous links appear when doing a Google search of her name.  How ever do you fellas survive? Creative thinking, imagination, due diligence, seem to be old fashioned and out of style these days.