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tophat  GlenH87
Since: Feb-2016
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Back in 2011 I found a free phone number app that did what you'd expect it do do. Every month you would be given a new number. cant find the app anymore and all the available apps comes with a monthly subscription fee. Know of any FREE phone number apps?

tophat  phishfood
Since: May-2015
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There are a couple you can use -- Sideline, and Burner.

tophat  pokerpoker
Vip  Since: Dec-2016
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Google Hangouts plus Google Voice with a new email address every month.  

tophat  swimsrus2002
Since: Dec-2016
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I've found burner to be a very useful tool! it's not free completely, but like 4 dollars for a decent amount of calls and texts is pretty reasonable.

tophat  GlenH87
Since: Feb-2016
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Found the app that I use to use. It's TextNow. I was able to set up an appointment with a provider until she canceled 😅

tophat  don
Since: Aug-2014
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I use Talkatone. It's imperfect but  free texts and calls