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tophat GlenH87
Since: Feb-2016
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Back in 2011 I found a free phone number app that did what you'd expect it do do. Every month you would be given a new number. cant find the app anymore and all the available apps comes with a monthly subscription fee. Know of any FREE phone number apps?

tophat phishfood
Since: May-2015
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There are a couple you can use -- Sideline, and Burner.

tophat pokerpoker
Since: Dec-2016
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Google Hangouts plus Google Voice with a new email address every month.  

tophat swimsrus2002
Since: Dec-2016
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I've found burner to be a very useful tool! it's not free completely, but like 4 dollars for a decent amount of calls and texts is pretty reasonable.

tophat GlenH87
Since: Feb-2016
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Found the app that I use to use. It's TextNow. I was able to set up an appointment with a provider until she canceled 😅

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tophat don
Since: Aug-2014
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I use Talkatone. It's imperfect but  free texts and calls

tophat Zorro
Since: Nov-2015
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I've been using Sideline for a few months and am quite happy with it.  Free but they do show you ads which you can remove if you go for their paid premium service.

For some reason, I've been unable to use Googlevoice for sending pix, no problem with Sideline

tophat JohnMarckof
Since: Oct-2016
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I've used sideline and it's worked perfectly with no hassles, but I haven't compared it to anything else.

tophat Scotty2017
Since: Jan-2017
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Google voice has an upgrade try it out its the best out of my experience . I also use Line2 good for texting . Essentially you carry one phone with 3 numbers

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rose JessicaPaige304
Since: Jan-2017
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 LMAO YES I KNOW I'M LIKE MONTHS BEHIND.....  Just noticed the date. Sideline is the best burner sometimes it's rings and sometimes it doesn't.  

Logolicious 20170601 020610
rose JessicaPaige304
Since: Jan-2017
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I wish more people used Google Hangouts but not sure they know what it is or that it's already on the phone bc I know I didn't until someone told me..  

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tophat iSeeStarz
Since: Jul-2017
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Pinger Textfree with call for Android. Pay for minutes or earn them through offer (download another app, run it, get minutes, uninstall it). You can change your number once otherwise it expires if you dont use it for 30 days and then get another. Or use multiple emails to have multiple accounts with different numbers. 

tophat luvbjs
Since: Jul-2014 Vip  
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I use the free version of google voice for calls and text, hell I use google voice to receive text from this site (which is awesome).

tophat MrRoboto
Since: May-2017
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+1 Google Voice

tophat .rambone.
Since: Nov-2015
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Hands down TextNow is the best Android app that gives you a virtual phone number (doesn't expire in less you do not use it for a while) for  free texting.. I believe you can also pay per minute for voice calls but I never have in two years. Never have had problems with them!

tophat philipfry
Since: May-2016
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Sideline is no longer free, and now has a monthly fee.  In looking at all the second number apps, the only one I've found to still be free is Google Voice.

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tophat Zep
Since: Feb-2015 Vip  
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I have Sideline and don't pay a dime. Have had it for two years and love it.  You can pay and get it without advertising but ads don't really hinder me at all.

tophat GlenH87
Since: Feb-2016
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I'm having issues with textnow. Both my text and calls won't go through. Keypad pops up for a second and quickly slides off screen. Anyone having the same issue? In the meantime I've been using textme. It gets the job done.