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Which one are you most excited to watch? Much love to the Raiders but I think you know my answer!

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Yes - and when's the last time a Thursday Night Football game was a serious high-stakes battle, especially in the toughest division in the NFL?  This game on a  short week and in the cold will be a serious test for Oakland - thinking they love the underdog status and this rivalry is back to being meaningful, for damn sure.  JUST WIN, BABY!  And, the Warriors should be fine, though I guess both Oakland and the Jazz have both won 3 straight, so I'm sure they're gonna be fired up for this one.


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Big buildup to Raiders at Chiefs on Thursday.   Biggest Thursday night NFL game ever.  

Disappointing.  Derek Carr did not show up, and when he did pass it accurately, too many drops.  They got a couple breaks early in game, but didn't capitalize on those.   Alex Smith on the other hand was playing above his level.  

What a let down after Oakland's glorious win over Buffalo on Sunday.  

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Alex Smith got a raw deal from the 49'rs when they cut him and then cut every good player and coach they had.

So it's almost sweet revenge to see him rule.

Would really like to see him whip the 9'rs.

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I'm not into excuses - I never thought the Raiders would win last night at Arrowhead but it was worse than it should have been because...
Thursday night games are especially rough on the visiting teams as they have like one day of practice and a walkthrough
Derek Carr's pinky hurts. The dude wasn't able to take a snap under center all night. This hurts the run game and when you can't run the ball, it's harder to pass even if your accuracy isn't affected by a dislocated pinky..

So.. all in all, I give them a pass because that's just not our Raiders we saw last night. That was an abberation. Hope they pick themselves up and move past this.