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tophat  Dr.PallMall
Since: Feb-2015
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Before the fight yes, after NO.

Now I just wanna see Nunes abuse her GF for an hour for the same 300.

tophat  Milky
Since: Jul-2015
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NO and NO

All hyped up to start but in the end everybody just leaves wanting more.

Good job on getting more exposure to women's sports. Hopefully they can build on it.

tophat  warriors1
Since: Dec-2016
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Agreed. Ronda brought a well-deserved hype and respect to women's mma fighting. She put women's mma on the map. 

tophat  Yogibearhere
Since: Aug-2016
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Ronda was a great fighter.   But watching her initial victories, I saw a world class athlete beating on rookies.    The mma evolves quickly, fighters avoid the takedown or escape mounts and use superior striking skills.   Much like what happened to the Gracie's.   Still think she's hot looking.   If she walked into a room and you're there, you'd fawn over her.  At least I would. M

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tophat  Nealanblome69247
Since: Jan-2016
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Yes in a heartbeat. And my offer as many seconds as I could last in the octogon would the number of strokes into I would get. Here's hoping for a nut

Mod icon md  Heywood69
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