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New guy Ty Blach shut out the Dodgers for 8 innings, and Romo didn't give it up in the ninth.    We are still alive.    

Last night and tonight, two of the best games of the season, after and awful second half.    

Limping into the post-season, that's the way we do it.

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Let's hope they can hold it together for one more game.

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The new kid Blach looked's amazing that the Giant's are even in this whole thing after they stunk it up all second half of the season.

Looking forward to today's game!

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Yes. It's a great day! Those pathetic Oakland A's finished in last place and Giants are in the Wild Card playoff! Pretty idiotic for those certain A's fans that's rooting against the Giants all season. I bet those dumb bozos are praying the Giants won't win their 4th ring in 6 years. LOL!

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Ah, a pathetic A's fan. Your team are still losers, won't win a World Series ring even till the day you die, and will be out of Oakland soon. Hahahahaha!  Fuck the A's!