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certain people root for certain teams (silvr has his steelers and gousc had his trojans) but I don't really HAVE a "favorite football team"... in fact, with the concussions and early retirement of several 49ers (which tells me the problem is worse than we think), I am becoming less and less of a football fan... it has certainly moved well behind baseball and basketball (i'll let you know when it drops below hockey)...

but now I have a team to root AGAINST - the carolina panthers...

and I certainly have more of an interest in the tampa bay buccaneers, so I guess I am rooting for the bucs to knock the panthers out of the playoffs, now and every season in the future:

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Panthers suck big Time this year! But they did beat my team 49ERS! Oh we'll... It's going to be a long hard season for 9ers fan for awhile again. I think the Panthers won't make the playoffs. But hope 49ers beat Bucs...