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Proponents of luring the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas to a planned $1.9 billion, 65,000-seat domed football stadium take on a new challenge with a familiar strategy beginning this week.

Instead of working to convince 63 Nevada lawmakers of the benefits of a stadium as they did last week, development team leaders will have to convince at least 24 of 32 National Football League team owners of why Las Vegas is worthy of becoming home to an NFL team.

And, while representatives of the family of Sheldon Adelson and a small army of lobbyists did most of the work to convince two-thirds of the state’s legislators to vote their way, the Raiders and their owner, Mark Davis, will lead the effort to persuade the NFL owners.

Davis and his executives begin the effort Tuesday when NFL owners begin two days of meetings in Houston. Relocation of the team isn’t on the agenda of the who league’s fall meetings, but Davis plans to introduce some details of the proposal in advance of January’s winter meetings when a relocation decision is expected to be reached.


“The timing was perfect,” said Andy Abboud, vice president of government relations and community development for Las Vegas Sands and a spokesman for the Adelson family on stadium matters. If the Legislature hadn’t approved the stadium financing plan this past week, or if it had punted the decision to the Clark County Commission, then the developers would have missed next week’s presentation to the NFL owners.

“The rest of the work is the Raiders and the NFL,” Abboud said. “Our role sort of diminishes, but now we have a lot of work to do in terms of starting to construct this thing and a lot of planning work needs to be done.”

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So other than some raider fans,  no one opposes them departing?

Sounds like a rerun of the  Rams.

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Fuck'em!! They don't seem to appreciate the hardcore loyalty of their fans.
They are now the (Former-Oakland) "Las Vegas Traitors"

...they "mutinied" against their fans
...the "Las Vegas Traders...for a fancy stadium in the desert.
"Sin City Traitors"
And they will soon have more Las Vegas Haters

Bummer year for sports in Cali: we lose the Raiders and dont get the Series either.
Sorry for your pain guys...

aka LustyLyndy

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It's not about fan "loyalty." It's about cities and metro areas spending the money to keep their teams. Back in 1982 Al Davis took the Raiders to Los Angeles because the Oakland Coliseum Commission refused to give him the proper improvements to the stadium. When LA did not give him a proper stadium Oakland was given a second chance.

In the 21 years the Raiders have been back the Coliseum has been a dump and no public money has been offered to build a new one. Las Vegas stepped up to the plate with 750 million of public funding.

Oakland has done a great job of redevelopment in the last 20 years and sports teams are no longer important to the city. If there were so many Die-hard fans why did the Raiders have to close off part of their stadium to get sell outs?

It's in the best interests of the NFL to vote positively for the move of the soon to be Las Vegas Raiders.Greater Clark County has a population of over 2.2 million and with millions of people going to the conventions the Las Vegas Raiders will be a smash success.

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  • That Mt Davis is so far from the field, you might as well stay home and watch it on TV

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Whaaaaaaaat! Yuuup xactly what I said when I sat there for a steelers raiders game! I felt I was more in tune with the shipping lanes in the bay than I was with the game! Never again! 

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I'm not a Raider fan but I used to go to quite a few of their games.

I've never sat in MT Davis but I climbed up there just to see. You are right. You might as well watch it on TV but the same could be said for the nose bleed seats in a lot of stadiums. I remember going to games where the "announced" crowd was around 40k but there could not have been more than 20-25K people who actually showed up.

If Oakland was serious about keeping the Raiders they would have come up with a properly funded stadium proposal ages ago.

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Oakland residents will be paying off the 1995 deal for the next 10 years whether the Raiders stay or go, and the Mayor is right to say the city can't afford the NFL's asking price.

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My 2 cents. 

Let Mark Davis take his team but dont let him take the "Raiders". Meaning he can go, with all his players and have his new stadium but the Raiders logo, history, colors..etc.. stay in Oakland. 

Better us all a favor Mark and sell the team to a local tech billionaire who can afford to build a stadium with his own money here in the bay area. you cant afford to own the Oakland Raiders anymore.

If this does happen, it will be the biggest Failure in NFL history. You heard it here first.....

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Oh I like EBJ's suggestion a lot! Yes the name should change if they go to LV...but come to think of it "raiders" is also appropriate since millions of pple get raided by the casinos of their millions every day

A tech billionaire probly wouldnt want the headache but it's a logical idea.

To the other posters, thanks for filling me in. I realize it all comes down to money, esp in the worlds of entertainment and sports.
Plus, I'm still bitter over the bs in Sac of the new stadium for the Kings bitches & their bitch leader Kevin Johnson.

I didnt realize the Raiders' stadium wz that far gone & that the city had failed them so much. The news this past week even showed the massive leaking when it had rained during that game.
Repairs & upgrades should have surely been done by now. Given that it wz probably impossible during the recession, they should have ramped up since 2013 /14 when money started flowing in the construction sector again.

Then again, isn't the stadium that a team uses to earn their profits their responsibility to a large degree? Seems like they would be able to have make improvements themselves with sum of their profit set aside for this.
Someone feel free to give a breakdown here: I'd like to know how the responsibilities of a stadium are distributed when it comes to city & users, including shows hosted also



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Whaaaaaaaat! I feel that billionaires should fund there own billion dollar stadiums or open a go fund me account and see where that goes!
Just can't see big momma or aunt Velma having her tax dollars spent on a stadium she wouldn't give a potta neck bones and greens to visit or see! just saying! 

rose  SexyLindy
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"Whaaaaaaaat! I feel that billionaires should fund there own billion dollar stadiums or open a go fund me account and see where that goes!
Just can't see big momma or aunt Velma having her tax dollars spent on a stadium she wouldn't give a potta neck bones and greens to visit or see! just saying!"

(In a jewish mom voice)...
"This is what I'm sayeeng!"

Read what Eastbayjunkie wrote. Same idea as what u said, & I agree.


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More real everyday buh bye

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More real everyday buh bye

Yeah, starting to feel real w announcement just out Raiders are actually filing relocation app and reports that the requisite # of NFL franchise owners are expected to support their app. TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!

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Hope the relocate. Fuck the Raiders and fuck Oakland. Oakland ain't hard. It's just a bunch of wannabe thugs now a days. Too many pansy ass politically correct hipster dumbasses moved into Oakland. Fuck Oakland.