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tophat  Itry2hide
Since: Apr-2015
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Klay Thompson scores 60 pints in 29 minutes as the Warriors demolish the Pacers. 

tophat  warriors1
Since: Dec-2016
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Pacers are a pretty decent team too. They beat Chicago, the Cavs, and the Clippers twice. But yeah Klay was hitting from everywhere. That whole game was awesome.

tophat  JJLICKIT
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What a great game! Good for Klay. He needed that. GO WarrioRS!

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tophat  Wildcat91
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I've never seen anything quite like when Klay gets hot... even Curry (of all people) can hardly believe what he's seeing.  

There are those games when the rest of the team knows that Klay is in one of those zones where they just get him the ball and make space for him.  The three games that I remember most were... the 37 point quarter against the Kings.  In the playoffs last year when he went bat shit crazy against the Thunder.  And now, last night's 60 point game.  It sure as hell fun to watch when he goes off like that.

tophat  Yogibearhere
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Teague and Monta are terrible defenders .  

tophat  Zorro
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That's true but he still had to make the shots.  I was at the game and he was a machine.  Totally cool when entire crowd was chanting Klay Klay Klay!