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tophat  Swallowmewhole
Since: Nov-2016
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So check out this chick she can stuff a cock and balls all in her mouth. Are there any providers that can do that

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rose  JuicyJae707
Vip  Since: Apr-2016
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Relax your throat ya don't choke yes

tophat  facendapuss
Since: Aug-2014
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wow...that's talent..I'd have to marry a bitch she did that to me lol


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rose  Mistress Kali Qreem
Since: Sep-2016
pushpin 21 - 2 Reviews     Try this link instead
Would love to show you 707-816-6748 Kali

tophat  Swallowmewhole
Since: Nov-2016
pushpin 25 - 5 Reviews

That just looks like your standard deepthroat bj, something half the girls here can do, only diff is you put some blue lipstick on 

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tophat  Tejanoxingon
Vip  Since: Nov-2014
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No!!! I must disagree, that partner is not your standard deep throat bj that, is a skilled PHD candidate who has put in training and time.  You go girl , looking forward to that deep deep slow skoll!!  yes