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Sophia loren
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I have been exploring this fascinating world of sensual domination and sensory depravation for the past several months now.  I have been spending a lot of time with Holli and have witnessed her grow from being a new GFE provider to now incorporate this new realm of fantasy that I crave.  And now today, I see a session of her with OnyaCox on Snapchat and damn, it is hot.   It makes me want to be in the room with these two beauties and be blindfolded so that I can only hear and smell and sense what Holli is doing to Onya.  Just knowing that Onya is going through it at the same time is so damn sexy to me.
For me, it is very much about trust.  I need to be able to give my body and mind over to my sensual dom.  It’s not at all about pain or humiliation.  I enjoy the restraint, but sometimes she just moves my arms and legs where she wants them and tells me not to move.  And the blindfold is essential, because without sight, I have to listen and smell very carefully to try and understand what is happening until I am touched.  It is an amazing experience to have her lower herself onto your face when you can’t see.  Or when she glistens her fingers with her juices and slips them in my mouth. 
I am not even sure that I am using the correct terminology for this, but I do know that the edging and play are incredible and my orgasms are the best that I have ever had.  As someone who is very new to this, I am interested if there are other guys who are into this and what their experience is like or what other things I might explore with her.  R1
Oh, and Onya and Holli.  More of those videos please.

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I have really been enjoying the time I have spent exploring with you 😘 .....

I never would have classified myself as a doninatrix. I don't like the humiliation and I don't like to see other people in pain. What I realized though was the reason I enjoy giving blowjobs SO MUCH is the power transfer between 2 people.  I love edging because I don't only prolong your enjoyment....  I intensify and prolong the power I have over you. 

" Sensual Domination tends to be much less about physical restraint and more about mental captivation. Sensual Doms are out to ensnare your body, mind and spirit, and their attention is magnetic. They use trust and pleasurable surprise in measured portions to nourish the need and drive the want of the sub.

They want to know all about you, and they’ll take that knowledge a step further and to a heightened level to arouse you. They’ll develop a studied knowledge of you that will probably surprise you in both depth and scope… and may occasionally scare you a bit. They can and do go to great lengths to arrange encounters that give you just the right sensations, and they share in your pleasure. "  -deviance&desire . com

Onya Cox has the body of a model....  so tall and slender....  amazing soft skin...  I had purchased some new toys and restraints and asked her if she would come over so I could tie her up. She was into it and the rest....  is a snap story.  

Regular snap is MeetHolli.  Message me for Premium... or just book a real live show😏😈

I invited Onya back for more angles and better video. We might use a tripod this time. 😍😍😍