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I hear kink clients are flaky bunch and it is so common after long exchange of emails they disappear. Some clients fantasy are just too far fetched and hard to execute. Can't blame them some fantasies are very attractive until you start thinking in details and actual execution. famous and popular provider quote: "some fantasies are better to stay as fantasies."  

Please tell us some fantasy scenes  that you think are doable within reasonable time that are fun and easy to enhance with the right partners.

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rose Rachelsonoma1
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1. He surprises me with a candlelit bubble bath. It is set up like you see in the movies, except since he is sensitive to my need for safety, there are no candles anywhere near my hair.

2. He brings me organic raspberries and blackberries and massages the hand that he can reach. There is a little casual chit chat.

3. There is a massage table waiting for me. It has been warmed up and has off-white flannel linens, including a top sheet to keep me warm. He gives me an hour-long, therapeutic massage. No chit chat. He remembers to massage the hand that didn't attention during the bath.

4. What happens after that is so good, I feel like I'm levitating.

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Do the raspberries and blackberries have to be Organic ??   :)

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The list could go on and on.  So I will share three I said no to instead.

Guy calls me up and wants me to kill him and dispose of his body.  Says I can keep his truck and credit cards.....  I passed.

Guy calls asking if I have any dogs he can fuck.  Nope, I don't.

Guy calls with a fetish for a very special ball cutting off tool.  It is called a burdizzo, since I am not a doctor or nurse I decide it is best not to perform any acts that the client might bleed to death on.

Goddess Athena
~ Yes, there are lot's of things I will not do for ANY amount of pay.

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LOL,  The stories you could tell.....  You really should write a book some day. 

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Rachel, that sounds divine & so indulgent. Although the no chit chat part is nearly impossible with

Goddess, its kinda sad & hilarious too that those things you mentioned dont shock me at all, after being in the biz lo these many years.

And Zep, each of us ladies could write a book in our own right & itd be a real page turner. The things we've heard and done-or refused to do--my my! 
And the psychology behind so much of what goes on, beginning with the phone/email/text requests that are either serious and shyly asked about or just meant to shock or get a rise out of a provider.

I've been meaning to do a book or blog for years but I have procrastination down to a science

aka LustyLyndy

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rose Gloria Steele
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During a recent Monday shift at Amy's Lair, one of my colleagues was discussing her experiences with sugaring. She had a sugar daddy for a few years and he enjoyed taking her on shopping sprees. She said that it was exhilarating for her because it was the first time in her life that she didn't have to look at price tags; she could just pick out whatever she wanted.

I piped up and said that I'm not really the designer shopping spree type. Another gal asked "Really, Gloria? There aren't ANY shops you'd just love to go wild in?" Well, wait a minute... Yes, there are! 

I would love for a client to take me on a shopping spree on Haight Street in SF. We could go to some of the vintage boutiques, like Decades, Love Street, and Held Over. I could try on different frocks and my fella could give me input as to which ones look best. We could pop into Dollhouse Betty and select some gorgeous retro lingerie, too. 

Working our way up Haight, we have a lovely tapas dinner at Cha Cha Cha, complete with a pitcher of sangria. After that, we head to Amoeba Music and he tells me to pick out as many records as I'd like. I keep it conservative at 6.

We conclude our spree and head back to his hotel for a lingerie fashion show, followed by some rip-roarin' "companionship."

So, I guess I really do have my own offbeat, bohemian sugar baby fantasies!

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Ch Cha Cha?  Almost forgot about it, haven't been there in years.  Living in the east bay cuts down on trips to the Haight.  Records? Just got a new turntable; the Dual I had since 1988 finally died.  Was listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn last night.   Damn, he was the best blues guitarist since Hendrix and then f**k.  Life is not fair so enjoy every day.

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Rachel, that sounds divine & so indulgent. Although the no chit chat part is nearly impossible with

laughlaughlaugh Sexy you're one of a kind!

Gloria7485 %281%29
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I don't make it over to the Haight very often myself these days, either. We are fortunate to have a lot of great record shops here in the East Bay, so "vinyl heads" like us don't really need to cross the bridge. But there is still something so magical about the Haight! I think that energy part of what fuels my fantasy. ♡ 

I saw Eric Clapton in Detroit in 1990, shortly before my 16th birthday. Stevie Ray Vaughn was in town the same weekend and showed up as a "surprise guest." I don't think it was planned; Clapton was happily shocked! They jammed together for a couple of songs and then SRV took off. What a treat that was! 

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So if this is a vinyl fantasy, this doesn't count has thread hijacking. That Detroit show must have been part of his last tour as his helicopter crashed in Madison Wisconsin.  So back to fantasy, how about

and let imagination run.  You get to pick the discs and I play them  as we remove them one by one.  Vinyl strip poker.

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Holy shit!!!! A woman who knows what she wants to be happy. Rachel you are my fantasy.devil

Gloria7485 %281%29
rose Gloria Steele
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Ha! "Sounds" good to me! Maybe the records could replace the retro lingerie.

rose labella
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In my play room I have a cage , huge cage that a grown man can fit comfortably in , I've always wanted to receive pleasure by someone else (( on top )) of the cage while my captured submissive slave watched with an intense stare between us and I want every one present to have on Victorian masks  


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tophat Drew40901
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I would definitely be interested in participating in that hot fantasy.  Caged or on top of the cage. Wherever you want me to be.   If you find another taker let me know and let's make it happen.