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tophat  Veiled4Now
Since: Jun-2016
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Massage table with a glory hole.

Something made up for porn, or really done?


tophat  Lc10317
Since: Jan-2017
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Have only seen it in porn.  However, if a provider in Sacramento ever wants to incorporate one in her menu of services, I am most interested. 

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rose  Jaderose83
Vip  Since: Aug-2016
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I see these in dungeons pretty frequently

Img 0130
tophat  Errantwind347
Vip  Since: Jul-2015
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I wonder if that's evidence of porn imitating life, or life imitating porn....

tophat  looksyounger
Since: Aug-2015
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I wish the AAMP's would provide a MT - one Heart under and the other providing a massage ...