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tophat mrpaul
Since: Jun '16
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Okay hope this doesn't sound too weird to you guys, and I feel it will be challenging to find any provider for this.

Here's my fantasy: you are a student that needs help in math and I show up to start helping out with your work. As time goes on, we slowly get closer and closer to each other, and then you start playing with yourself while I continue to teach, and as you get more and more excited you start taking your clothes off...your hand moves faster and faster until you can't hold on anymore and squirt the same time you feel a huge load cumming all over your body...then afterwards we wrap up the lesson at the end.

Huge Plus: Please pm me if you REALLY need help with your math class or math related work! I can help you with that.


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rose SquirLz10
Since: Jul '15
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My last math lesson went like this...what do you get if a boy &  girl + bed and then - their clothes and ÷ their legs they then x=👶

tophat dropkick
Since: Dec '14
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Why would a provider have a problem with this unless you want her to sound like she's tracking your algebraic geometry or differential equations lesson? My tutor fantasy goes into the touchy, feely, and then the boom boom stage but neither I nor the provider can stay in character long enough.

tophat dumbass
Since: Jan '15
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Dude offer math lessons.  I actually have hooked up offering hot chicks help with their math homework. it's easier than being the DJ in a sweaty nightclub, and I look like riff raff from rocky horror picture show.