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tophat  Bgside
Since: Oct-2016
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Hi any Foot fetish providers in the Bay Area ?

rose  lilyforyou510
Since: May-2015
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Receiving, YES!!!!  I love a good foot rub and foot worshiping session.  Giving, no - I've never had a fetish for other people's feet.  If the former is what you're talking about, I'd be happy to elaborate on what I like.  kiss

rose  LollyPoptart
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I travel to the bay now and then. You'd probably like my instagram @lolly_poptart. ;)

tophat  Bgside
Since: Oct-2016
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Yes I love giving foot worship 

tophat  theusualsuspect
Since: Aug-2014
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There don't seem to be many foot-fetish providers in the South Bay (where I'm based). However, I have found if you're generous with bringing nylons and (once you get to know their shoe size) a nice pair of classy heels, then most reasonable providers are very welcome to learn and experiment with you. Plus that way you get to teach them *exactly* what you enjoy, which is always fun. Most women really don't like to hurt you, which is something I actually enjoy (trampling with high-heel shoes), so it can take a while to bring out their dominant side. Communication, as always, is the key.

Having someone who knows what you like and is willing to please is always a turn on. Especially when they open the door and you can see they've found *just* the right pair of shoes for you to enjoy :-).

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rose  Jaderose83
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I love having my feet and legs rubbed, sucked, licked and worshiped, light trampling and giving foot jobs.

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rose  GoddessAthena
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WoW, I have done trampling with high heels on.  I think I might have some bare foot trampling video as well.

Been awhile since I had that request.  

Goddess Athena
~ I got your fetish right here!!


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tophat  theusualsuspect
Since: Aug-2014
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I know. And you have such *beautiful* feet (and shoes) too ! But you're still in Oakland, not the South Bay alas..

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rose  Minxxy.Mia
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im frequently in the southbay

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rose  Charlotte P. Pin-up
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Yup! I love it!