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tophat Arco
Since: May '15
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I know there was an ass worship thread on here, but does anyone know of a provider that specializes in receiving anal play, similar in style to I'm talking about enema's, plugging, medical play, etc...

tophat oaktown
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Big fan of that site too.

Hopefully you're aware that some of the wilder play on that is an exercise in mutual trust, and in the context of a provider/client-type relationship isn't first-date type play.

best of luck.

tophat Arco
Since: May '15
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Completely understood, but my ATF sub has pretty firm limits on volume of ass play. Appreciate the PM. Thanks!

rose gladrielmoon
Since: Jul '15
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i did a butt plug before lol

tophat backsideluvr
Since: May '15
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Have you ever tried these Butt Jewels? Im loving these! Its fun puttin them in and its fun taking them out.

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rose GiaDarling
Since: Dec '15
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I've got a tail, butt plug

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rose gfegreekgirljezebel
Since: Dec '14
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Those are fun!  My guy friend and I just bought the whole shower attachment thing !!  That was Cool LOL.  

tophat LukeCage
Since: Jan '16
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I love the butt jewels as well. They are hot to look at nxt to a hot pair of cakes!

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tophat wibble6616
Since: Apr '15 Vip  
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I love ladies that like to play with butt plugs.

I've got some new stainless steel anal beads that I'm itching to try with a willing partner

tophat mrvoyeur000
Since: Apr '15
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" itching to try "

tophat Jedi650
Since: Nov '16
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Oooohh, I wanna see you with your tail!

Gloria7485 %281%29
rose Gloria Steele
Since: Mar '16
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Several years ago I worked as a domme at The Gates. I used to do a lot of double sessions with Tina Horn. She has an amazing ass!

She treated herself to an NJoy stainless steel butt plug after a particularly profitable day and we used to play with it in session all the time, much to the delight of our kinky, voyeur clients. Sigh....memories! ♡♡♡

tophat 30caballero
Since: Dec '16
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YAS!! How i miss Tina...