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tophat  segphalt
Since: Jan-2016
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Been tough finding a good couple for MFM in the bay. Anyone have tips for a good couple or offer services as a couple?

tophat  james green
Since: Nov-2014
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Same here. Anyone have recommendations?

Occasionally I hear from a female provider who sounds like she ... might know a guy ... but no pics or very much definite.

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rose  Charlotte P. Pin-up
Since: Sep-2014
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Yup! My partner and I offer sessions together 😊

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rose  Jaderose83
Since: Aug-2016 Vip  Verifiedbadge
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I would love to offer this. But I have had a hell of a time finding a reliable guy to add to the mix. Happy hunting!

rose  kara_and_david
Since: May-2016
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We do, mainly in Sac these days, sometimes in the bay area or can do outcall.

tophat  segphalt
Since: Jan-2016
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I'm aware of you two! Just waiting for you to come to the bay. Please come soon :) 

rose  Oral obsession
Since: May-2016 Vip  Verifiedbadge
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I am interested if you are still looking and my guy said its cool as long as your cool

tophat  Al85
Since: Dec-2016
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Sounds like so much fun wish i could join

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rose  HolliBerri
Since: Feb-2016 Vip  Verifiedbadge
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We are available in East Bay and South Bay depending on our schedule. Send me a PM and we can talk about availability.  

Serious inquires only. 

Willing to meet for drinks ahead ahead of time to make sure everyone vibes well. 

rose  kara_and_david
Since: May-2016
pushpin 22 - 4 Reviews

We are working on that, we used to go to the bay at least 2 times a month, but are only doing this part time now and it's hard to get away. Will let you know when we do :)

tophat  Fresno559469
Since: Oct-2014 Vip 
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Kara... gorgeous pics!  Would love it if you two ever found the time to visit Fresno. 😀

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rose  Marlee&Cimeron
Since: Nov-2016
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I also offer mfm and mmf 

tophat  stan
Since: Feb-2016 Vip 
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I am in eastbay. When can wemeet

tophat  Tallboy1234
Since: May-2016
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Here is another possibility.  I'm bi.  And I'd love to do an MMF.  It might be cheaper, and better, if two of us found one provider who would be willing to see two men at once.  We could enjoy her company... and see where it goes.

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tophat  GrkSeekr
Since: Feb-2015
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Trixxxiee in the east bay has a guy for MFM with dps... Veronica/spankme2thankme and alysha tulip come to mind as well

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rose  vixxen.rayne
Since: Jun-2016
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I offer and LOVE IT!! 

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tophat  Rockmycock
Since: Sep-2016
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Hello ! I'm new. I'm 48 average guy. 5'10" 190# 6.5" cut cock. I'm bi looking for MfM. I don't understand all the language but I know what I want. I wanna have porno sex. I want to swallow cum, eat cream pie, get fucked in my ass with a cock and with a strap on. I love to eat pussy and eat clean ass. I also love getting my salad tossed ..  Can anyone help ! ! Oh and I love BDSM. ..  No scat or pee. . Not for me. .