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tophat  segphalt
Since: Jan-2016
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Been tough finding a good couple for MFM in the bay. Anyone have tips for a good couple or offer services as a couple?

tophat  james green
Vip  Since: Nov-2014
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Same here. Anyone have recommendations?

Occasionally I hear from a female provider who sounds like she ... might know a guy ... but no pics or very much definite.

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rose  Charlotte P. Pin-up
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Yup! My partner and I offer sessions together 😊

rose  Jaderose83
Vip  Since: Aug-2016
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I would love to offer this. But I have had a hell of a time finding a reliable guy to add to the mix. Happy hunting!

rose  kara_and_david
Since: May-2016
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We do, mainly in Sac these days, sometimes in the bay area or can do outcall.

tophat  segphalt
Since: Jan-2016
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I'm aware of you two! Just waiting for you to come to the bay. Please come soon :) 

rose  Oral obsession
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I am interested if you are still looking and my guy said its cool as long as your cool

tophat  Al85
Since: Dec-2016
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Sounds like so much fun wish i could join

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rose  HolliBerri
Vip  Verifiedbadge Since: Feb-2016
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We are available in East Bay and South Bay depending on our schedule. Send me a PM and we can talk about availability.  

Serious inquires only. 

Willing to meet for drinks ahead ahead of time to make sure everyone vibes well. 

rose  kara_and_david
Since: May-2016
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We are working on that, we used to go to the bay at least 2 times a month, but are only doing this part time now and it's hard to get away. Will let you know when we do :)

tophat  Fresno559469
Vip  Since: Oct-2014
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Kara... gorgeous pics!  Would love it if you two ever found the time to visit Fresno. 😀

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rose  Marlee&Cimeron
Since: Nov-2016
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I also offer mfm and mmf 

tophat  stan
Since: Feb-2016
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I am in eastbay. When can wemeet