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Not sure if this is the right forum, but posting here due to the couples angle.

My wife and I had a two hour session scheduled with a provider for the evening of the 13th, but unfortunately we just received word that she cannot make our appointment due to unforeseen circumstances (these things happen).  We'll reschedule, but we've already booked a nice room and my wife was very much looking forward to this, so I'm wondering whether there might be a provider willing to pinch hit (if you will) and save the day.

My wife particularly likes sensual, busty brunettes--tattoos a bonus but not required.  We live in the city (ETA: SF) and work downtown, and would like to meet for a brief coffee or drink for a chemistry check beforehand (for reasonable compensation, naturally).

If this sounds of interest to you, please post or PM.

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rose  Goddess Jasmine
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You say you're in "the city." What city would that be? And....I am very interested 😉😘

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O Belive he wrote he is in sf ( the city )

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Hi there,

I'm a brunette (not especially busty) and I am very tattooed. I love being a unicorn and work play with couples often.


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I'm a 34DDD busty, curvaceous brunette with a few tatoos, and I think the three of us could rock that hotel room.