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I apologize if the details are bit over descriptive, graphic, or to forward...not that you haven't heard it all before. :)
I just find that clear communication is the key to many aspects of life including the hobby and you must be great at that.
I'm not looking for a dom session per se', however, more like an evil GFE. :)

If there are any rules in your arena I wouldn't mind knowing for my own sake as well.
Hopefully the outline for the session is clear, if you read it, and your into it... we will have a great session.

So... About this session, very much similar to our last, the blindfold fetish?
I'd like to blindfold before I see you. :)
At the beginning of the appointment, I imagine being blindfolded lying down, patiently awaiting your entry in a candle lit room. You get comfortable, take a moment, we can start by making out or just caressing. The excitement to finally hear the others voice. As the session progress slowly, I'm a BBBJ and CG connoisseur, I would love some mild tease and denial. I love to be ridden.

I can remove the blindfold at will to see the festivities about, you mount me and we gaze into eyes deep like long lost lovers. You only allow my helmet to enter inside of you as you teeter totter atop.  Our eyes burn into each others as we connect, we kiss, and you slide all the way down to the base.

Completely filled, we stop…and only kiss, allowing the pulses to swell. Ever so slowly, we rock, I want to be dominated. I want you to tell me your going to work me over like never before. I'd love some hard filthy talk. Pull my hair from the back of my head, force me to look into your eyes and tell me what I need to hear, fuckin' use me up. Restrain me. Own me. As the long, full strokes increase in pace, so does the intensity. Please? Please put it down?
I adore watching in mirrors. I am open to pushing the envelope a bit, I wouldn't mind switching and dominating you as well as the session progresses. I'd like to begin as the submissive. Not into pain, pee, poop or rimming.

I'm up for any suggestions to this idea if you’re interested.
I'd love your input, any colognes you don't want on me...whatever! LOL.
This isn't my first appointment obviously.  I do smoke a lil 420 to relax & meditate some before session but don't have to, and unless asked, certainly won't bring it around unless ok'd.