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tophat  lightman55
Since: Jul-2016
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Just a simple question, are there any ladies who are ok with filming for personal use?

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rose  KieraC
Vip  Verifiedbadge Since: Jan-2017
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Absolutely. I'd definitely be game if we were both on the same page.

rose  alexissweet69
Since: Aug-2015
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Yes I allow filming for personal use Only! 

rose  Missnikkibaby
Since: Jan-2017
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I love to be filmed makes me feel like a porn Star

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rose  GladrielMoonR
Since: Sep-2016
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I do. Also u can be on the lookout for the next s.bay party I host in the forums. We welcome voyeurs and u can record all you want. However you must pass a reference check :)

tophat  jimmyvegas
Since: Nov-2014
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Please put me on the mailing list or PM list.  I don't want to miss it!

tophat  Squiggy
Since: Feb-2015
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I dont  mind being filmed as long as I comb my hair first.
Whatcha filming?

rose  labella
Since: Sep-2014
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for my personal use yes

rose  BryceGamble
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*raises hand* 



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rose  Theone33
Since: Jan-2016
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I am very ok and cofterble with video

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rose  Marlee Evans
Since: Dec-2015
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I am at an ok with filming but my rate goes up for these type of sessions :) 

tophat  backsideluvr
Since: May-2015
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I Luv filming the activities. I think it depends on the rapport with the provider. Some have allowed me to do it that dont advertise it because of the comfort level and familiarity.

tophat  backsideluvr
Since: May-2015
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Kiera, do you ever visit San Francisco? 

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rose  Mistress Kali Qreem
Since: Sep-2016
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with a smile on my face lol

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rose  Roxi.Haze69
Since: Jul-2015
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Hi,yes makes me feel like a porn star.I love it

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