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tophat nightshifter20160610
Since: Oct-2016
pushpin 144 - 4 Reviews

1 vote/choice per handle, PM or post only, reason/explanation for vote not necessary but highly appreciatied, no bashing/insulting/general douchebary of someone else's vote/choice, voting ends January 31st

Things to note for this specific category...
Must be a provider that provides BBBJ


rose Alleysea
Since: Jun-2016
pushpin 17 - 30 Reviews

can i nominate my self lol 

tophat cerave
Since: Oct-2014
pushpin 85 - 18 Reviews


tophat bigboner20
Since: Mar-2016
pushpin 17 - 8 Reviews

You deserve to win:)

tophat stronglegs2014
Since: Sep-2014
pushpin 127 - 20 Reviews

great minds think alike!

tophat norcal_tyse
Since: Apr-2016
pushpin 65 - 23 Reviews

I vote for fifiness

tophat zaammy
Since: Dec-2014
pushpin 27 - 3 Reviews

I nominate Alleysea 

heart kiss wink

tophat Skyisblue
Since: Dec-2015
pushpin 9 - 3 Reviews

I nominate Nickey Reigns 4084847915