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tophat  sfjohn
Since: Jan-2016
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TGTBT, anyone seen her?

tophat  sfjohn
Since: Jan-2016
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tophat  tdaley82
Since: Dec-2014
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I saw her 2 years ago during the RB days.  She's real and light GFE.

If I recall, the HHR doesn't include FS, but the HR does.

It looks like she's put on the pounds since I saw her.  2 years ago, she was slim, slender and could have been a swimsuit model.

Now she looks like she could be categorized as thick/curvy/big ass.

Nice girl though.  Here are her pics from 2-3 years ago.

I posted a review.

tophat  sfjohn
Since: Jan-2016
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Thanks for the info, I'll go check her out!

tophat  almiko
Since: Aug-2016
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Please report back.
If you google her previous number (904)323-2844 there is a Rob review on her in TER. Guy says when he walks out of the bathroom:
"She then comes back and goes “what is this?” I am confused and don’t know what she is talking about. She says I only had partial of the donation, which was a huge fucking lie because I had just counted it out before I came up and put it in my pocket (I never take my wallet with me into sessions). She took 80 from the donation; she straight up robbed me and tried to feign anger at me for “trying to rip her off.” "

At first is just one review so maybe the guy is lying.  But in eccie she has 2 other rip-off reports:
Basically 50% bad reviews in eccie since 2 are from the same guy and 1 isn't hers.

Not sure what to think she is DDG I would see her if I knew she isn't going to rob me.

tophat  sfjohn
Since: Jan-2016
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OMG!!!!!!!! I just literally came back from seeing her! She definitely is the girl from the pictures, experience was phenomenal! Keep an eye on my review later...... more details. DON'T WALK, RUN IF YOU WANT TO SEE HER!!!

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rose  VipKali
Since: Jan-2017
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Hello gentleman,
I'm Kali, I'm new to this site so be patient with me:)
Someone has brought this thread to my attention and i would like to clear things up. First, I am excited to be back in California and looking forward to making new lasting friendships. Those threads are very old and were fabricated by a stalker to try to damage my reputation. I would NEVER rob anyone, I love all my clients and want them to have a great time:) I should be having new reviews being posted in the near future!

I'm looking very forward to meeting some of you!



tophat  an0nimus
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bump, has anyone else had the pleasure?

tophat  John_sb69
Since: Oct-2014
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I saw Kali about 3-4 years ago in South Bay. She is legit, very pretty blonde, looks exactly like her pictures. She was a bit thinner then, but now I think she looks more like a young woman, from the latest pictures. I had a great time with her then, and I probably need to clear out all of my meetings to see her soon. She was light GFE in the kissing department, but I had a great time with her.