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tophat weedkill3
Since: Dec '14
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Anyone have experience with her, is she legit?

tophat alexgray
Since: Jun '15
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I would like to know too. A Google search for phone number reveals many ads from April and March. Also she's been changing locations, from Denver and Washington DC to all over the Bay Area.

tophat bodymech
Since: Oct '14
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Ads from all over the place is a red flag for me.
Doesn't mean she is a rob.....just need to do more research if you think she worth it..

tophat Taboo5000
Since: Jan '17
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A lot of these girls travel and try to stay one step ahead of LE. 

So many of these questions should be bounced off the talent and not the hobbyists.

tophat zbob
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Wondering why you responded to a forum posting that was 2 years old?

Seems that all you accomplished was bringing the post to the top
without adding any useful information relevant to the topic.