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tophat  manoix
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I am curious myself but I don't think I am ready to TOFTT. Calling all braves souls please review this one so we know,good luck & godspeed

tophat  LovesitBare
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I've seen her a couple of times. PM me if you want details before seeing her.

tophat  Albeep
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tried to see her today. She was hosting in South SJ off Bernal. After much back and forth texting and a 45 minute drive got there and she doesn't have a room. . I did meet her in the parking lot and felt I was invested in time already and gave her a deposit on our time to get room. After many years hobbying I make a rookie blunder. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that perhaps her phone died, something happened, you know. 

I will give her a chance for a makeup session, but tomorrow I'll write up my ROB review. Until then I'll wait to be surprised.

tophat  Bill Laven
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Sorry to hear this happened to you.  I am sure you realize that you could write that ROB review today.

tophat  LovesitBare
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As I mention before STAY AWAY from this one she will waste your time and will try to rob you  once you hand her any cash.....exact same thing that happened to me, has no room and will ask for money to get a room. after that more time wasted cause she wants too (deleted) before any fucking, then comes the bad attitude and will rush you. more details pm me
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rose  LOVELY408
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Lovesitbare is a psycho i warn any providers reading this please do not get involved with this man he is unstable. STAY FAR AWAY FROM HIM HE IS DANGEROUS.  He has harrassed me day and night calling me back to back from four different numbers he trys to pretend to be different people to trick me into seeing him. He found out where I live. He is stalking me. Hey sends me rude, degrading and threatning text messages. He is contantly right around where i live and follows me to places i go. He threatened to have beat up and kidnapped. He is posting untrue reviews and posts about me and he is using NS as a way to blackmail me to provide my services to him. He is doing all of this becuase i refused to keep seeing him. I didnt feel safe. All money isint good. I have screenshot some of the text messages to show you the man im dealing with.
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rose  LOVELY408
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Mire text messages from lovesitbare 

tophat  mktglew
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Did you rip off the other hobbyist as well?

tophat  justguy123
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You are recommending now ? Can u copy and paste ur review here, so that everyone know..

tophat  anon103
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You are recommending now ? Can u copy and paste ur review here, so that everyone know..
Reviews do not belong on the open forum, do not paste one here.

She must have made it up to him.

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rose  Nevaeh_Luv
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I just saw lovesitbare and I never once felt uncomfortable in any way. I'm non gfe and don't allow certain things and he respected all of my wishes with out hesitation or constant hounding. I appreciate how respectful he was of my boundaries and Will diff see again. We made an agreement from the beginning and both parties lived up to their expectations with no issues. I even left the donation out for the hour duration of the stay and never felt like I was in jeapordy of losing or being taken advantage of... kudos to lovesitbare