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tophat an0nimus
Since: Feb '15
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asks client to bring covers, is that a red flag?

She's visiting and her reason is she's not stocked due to her location.  It screams red to me but the wrong head is winning atm.  

Help :-)

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tophat Dr.PallMall
Since: Feb '15
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It's lowbrow and lazy but doesn't mean the season will be bad.

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tophat frankunder
Since: Sep '16
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Huge red flag to me.  If she doesn't have covers, she's not "high end"

tophat evandergriffin
Since: Sep '14 Vip  
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Not a show stopper to me but definitely not professional/high end.

tophat jalapenopepper1
Since: May '16
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What classifies her as high end?

If she's truly high-end with loads of verifiable reviews, I'd say she is just maybe lazy or disorganized.  How tough is it to catch an Uber and go to the store for more condoms?  

On the other hand, if she has no reviews and is advertising rates or services that are too good to be true, could be a trap. Haven't watched them lately, but those sting operations that they show on CNBC, seems like the undercover cop always asks the client to bring condoms with them to pin intent on the john. 

Have a link to her ad? 

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rose Hazel Rain
Since: Jan '16
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I would agree with your theory......

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tophat nymphojak
Since: Jul '14
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I usually bring my own covers with cock ring and lube.  

tophat JackPA
Since: Aug '14
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yellow flag, it just requires context.  You're the person to did all the homework on her, give it context and don't over think it and ruin your mood for the date.   Don't mind fucked yourself

I had a girl I see for incall let me know she mispacked her luggage and forget her condom bag. She wanted to verify if was bringing my own as I had done before.  obviously not an apples to apples compare as we've met before so a now worries

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rose GladrielMoonR
Since: Sep '16
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Bwahahaha Silly me whe  you said covers I was thinking bedsheets. Its one of those moments. I mean I hear bring your own hat, jacket but havent heard covers. I was picturing you shopping at linen and things or bed bath and beyond. Now that is hilarious but jeez downright messed up. Anywho a provider who states shes high end yet expects you to bring your own rubber is downright lazy. I mean its dangerous too. I mean someone can play another version of Pocket Pool. You know when you cut a hole in your pocket and stick your hand in pocket when your bored and poke your nuts. Instead anyone can cut down the middle. Provider wont know the better but hes getting bbfs with a shit eating grin. smh red flag.

tophat anon103
Since: May '15
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I can see that as a concern, the tampered with condom.  Have you ever experienced that personally?  I have heard tales of friends of friends cousin kind of horror stories. Never met a gal who actually had a guy pull it on her directly. Just makes me wonder if it is more urban legend. 

Every gal I have ever asked has happily let me use my own supplies. I typically bring my own incase she has those super thick rubber glove trojans. 

As for being asked to pick up a box on the way, well I have never had a top shelf gal do that. It is pretty common request from the discount and high volume gals. It is also common for gals who don't have their own transportation. I don't consider it necessarily a flag, but I would definitely knock her off the "high end escort" pedestal 😉

rose TurnMeOut
Since: Jun '15
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Go nymphojak✊🏽

tophat shadowworlds
Since: Jan '15
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You brought up a good point

tophat charlesm
Since: Mar '15
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Personally I have to bring my own. If it's not the right brand/shape shit will just come right off. As awesome as bb can be, it's not fair or worth the risk in that regard.