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rose Lizzy4All
Since: Nov '16
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A Local New Reporter is posing a Hobbyist in Salinas Area. He will call and make an appointment. When he meets you, he will have a envelope, a camera & voice recorder. He will start to ask questions, take picture and tell you he a News Reporter doing a Story for a Local Paper. He will show you a copy of your profile. This have happened to several different girls I know in the Area. Its always an 831 Number. I getting the word, so beware out in Salinas Area.

tophat Heywood69
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What's in the envelope?

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tophat Dr.PallMall
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His nametag

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rose Montaine
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How about a Name and Phone number.
Perhaps he is not really a reporter but just using this as a scam.
Did he actually have a session with anyone or did they politely decline once he identified himself?
It feels fishy to me.

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Pretty sad for people who love taking photos of the girls in model and erotic shots. Just makes it harder for us photo hobbyist.

tophat Elvis P
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If he's not LE, maybe it's a perv using the reporter disguise as a ruse to obtain visual and audio recordings for his perverted needs. Have no idea what's in the envelope - maybe cocaine to bribe the girls? laugh

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rose Rachelsonoma1
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If he is truly a reporter, he needs to be discredited. Ethical reporters disclose who they are to providers. They don't call us from our ads.They get in touch with someone who is connected, who then tells providers that a reporter wants info.

rose Lizzy4All
Since: Nov '16
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He printed out my profile and each picture that was on it.

rose Lizzy4All
Since: Nov '16
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Not knowing his screen name, I will not say.

rose Lizzy4All
Since: Nov '16
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Private message me and Ill share all the info with you. He set up an appointment and agreed to meet. Once in the door, he identified him as a Reporter. I recognized him from the media, so he was legit.

tophat ftchildr
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All Repoorters/News Photogs Have ID cards to show when asked...