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tophat  Curhound
Since: Sep-2014
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I've always stuck to ns providers exclusively.  In the last six months I've seen rates exceed my financial limits in this area.  I've always been a 2 hour session hobbiest. I don't do quickies and I don't like to rush. I don't hobby more than once a month. I understand quality isn't cheap and I am not a cheap guy. But I just feel the need to point out that the rates are getting beyond my financial ability.  Im not saying many of you are not worth it. I'm just saying I'm getting to the point where I can't afford to play these days. 

tophat  PBsparky
Since: Sep-2015
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Well said Amen. seems that some gals might be pricing themselves out of business. 

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rose  Montaine
Since: Jul-2014
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It would be helpful to know what ads you are looking at...............NS/BP.
Are we talking about FS/GFE gals or FBSM?
And are these ads for local girls or from gals who travel here?

I think the misconception around coming to work in the monterey area is that it is a "Rich" community...and thus the gals can commend a higher rate. Also the average hotel room can be quite high especially in the summer season or during special events. Thus they have a bigger hotel fee as compared to central valley area, etc.

In reality there is obviously a wealthy population, however the majority of "average" guys looking for services are probably in the more moderate income bracket.

And I find that especially in my area there are lots of blue collar workers....mostly in construction and the trades. 

Pricing is always a sensitive topic for both parties. 
Gals have to decide what their time and skill set is worth.
Guys decide what their price point it.
And then there is what the market will bear.

So really it is a combination of factors.

In some cases, there is a great amount of greed on the providers end. 

Anyone can put a price tag on themselves, their goods and their services. 
The key is if anyone will pay their price.

For example...

I can paint a painting and ask $5000 for it because that is what I think it is worth. I bought the paint, the canvas and spent xxx amount of hours painting.
Or I can price it at $2500 because that is what similar painting have sold for in the past.
Or I can price it at $3000 and hope to get a bit more than market price.
Or I can keep the price at $5000 and wait for the one buyer who is comfortable at that price point, the one buyer who loves my work and can;t live without this painting.
In the meantime, can I afford to sit on that painting and  wait until it is sold in order to pay rent, buy groceries, put gas in my car, get a dental checkup, etc.

Each person has to find a comfortable balance in regard to money and pricing.


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rose  Montaine
Since: Jul-2014
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Cur - I understand and hear your frustration.

If you see regulars you may want to have an honest conversation with them.
Explain that you have a budget of XYZ for each month and you would like to continue to see them at XYZ rate.
They can either say Yes or NO.

I know I appreciate having a conversation with folks. 
I am big believer in compromise......and WIN/WIN situations.



tophat  Curhound
Since: Sep-2014
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I'm a fs hobbiest.  And it's difficult to actually find a regular.  Providers don't hang out long enough. Or they seem to increase rates in a very short time.  This area is also known for its 300$ an hour non reviewed,  body condom wearing,  new to the business, provider.   I know I'm not the only one who notices that if they post on ns and backpage the rate is often times another 100$ an hour on ns.   But hey, it is what it is.  All providers can charge what they like. I just wish I could afford to see some of you more often. 

tophat  Pusimassage
Since: Mar-2016
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Yuuup thats why they ask that when you call tell her you saw her ad, on NS so she knows where to set the rate for the date!
So tell her you saw her ad on BP, then the haggling begins!

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rose  StaceyDashing
Since: Jul-2015
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lol, the haggling

tophat  gumandnames
Since: Jun-2015
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I'm with you Curhound. 200 made it a regular possibility, but the 250 makes it once and a blue moon and I can't justify 300. What's worse is that I'm big on TOFTT, but not with such a high price of admission on an unreviewed provider. If I could find someone I could routinely have bbbj with video with for a reasonable donation, I'd be all over it, but not where rates are heading.

tophat  cruzinguy
Since: May-2015
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I agree, i've been seeing an uptic in rates. And i also don't mind toftt on new or unreviewed providers but i don't like being rushed and if we click its guarantied that i'll visit again. For some its about the money and others experience and friendship. 

rose  Milkmama
Since: Oct-2016
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I leave it up to the giver even (deleted) chat soon
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tophat  acguy
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I agree with the OP on the rates getting high. Most of these ads are providers just passing through SC. I'm not going to contact an over priced, poorly reviewed provider with a limited menu. I'll just move on. Also, I don't haggle, I just don't call.

I don't think these providers are trying to determine what their time is worth. I don't believe most give the rates that much thought. I think it's more likely what they think they can charge by looking at other over priced providers ads. I do believe that any provider can charge whatever they wish. But that doesn't mean I'll pay it and I think there's a lot of people that feel the same way. I still have a couple regular "friends" left in Santa Cruz although I used to have several more. I'm retired, financially comfortable, and say no a heck of a lot more than I say yes.

Lately I've been keeping a couple of sugar babies. I generally find this to be a more satisfying relationship; at least for now.

tophat  Curhound
Since: Sep-2014
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It's only gotten worse since I originally posted this topic.  Looking at the ads up right now I'm looking at numerous 400$+- an hour rates.  I'm officially priced out of this hobby twice over.  Even the ones who are less are upselling what used to be standard services.  Is there anyone paying these rates? What do you do for a living? I need a new higher paying job or I am going to have to just by the Costco sized lotion and call it a day. 

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tophat  20ozKxng
Since: Jul-2015
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I feel you my dude.

tophat  Elvis P
Since: Jan-2016
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It's only gotten worse since I originally posted this topic.  Looking at the ads up right now I'm looking at numerous 400$+- an hour rates.  I'm officially priced out of this hobby twice over.  Even the ones who are less are upselling what used to be standard services.  Is there anyone paying these rates? What do you do for a living? I need a new higher paying job or I am going to have to just by the Costco sized lotion and call it a day. 
If it's that bad, try the AMP next door to Jiffy Lube on Fremont Blvd; I'm sure it's a more cost-effective option to the rates you mentioned.

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rose  ginagirl
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     I have to agree as well, myself included.  I know when i lived in santa cruz ( before escorting) i thought of it as Silicon Valley rent without the Silicon Valley paycheck.  In other words i was always broke due to the high rent.  
     Next time i come to Santa Cruz i will be offering excellent specials :)~
I 💜 SC locals 

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rose  Montaine
Since: Jul-2014
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Hope we can connect when you are here!  Miss you.
xxx ooo
Let's Play!

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rose  PrettyChick247
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Hi there.  Take care.kiss
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rose  Montaine
Since: Jul-2014
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As I have said previously, it is important to establish a rate that creates a win/win situation for everyone.

The successful gals are the ones who are stable, consistent, skilled, and have excellent communication, time management and customer service skills. They pay attention to the details and have a good grasp of the delicate balance of being a business woman in a very client focused transaction. They strive to create authentic experiences. A select few truly enjoy and embrace the encounters. Unfortunately a vast multitude are not willing to provide a well rounded session due to many factors such as greed, egocentric attitudes, lack of skill, lack of personality, and general malaise or burn out.

We can't control what folks want to charge for their services........but we can decide what price point works for each of us. And if we are getting the perceived and actual value for that transaction.  We should reward those consistent providers by either continuing to see them and/or by recommending them to others.

All the best,
Ms M


tophat  anon103
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Probably time to take the AAMP/AMP plunge. Rates with these gals are typically locked in well below 2 bills. 

I have seen several gals on my wish list go from "damn that's expensive" to "OMG, who the hell pays that". I have on many occasions sunk $400+ into a session. Only a couple of them got me back for a second session and none got a 3rd. Basically you can get me once just to satisfy my curiosity but I will never be a regular. 

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rose  HolliBerri
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I love the way you used the painting as an example.  


rose  Miss Allison Lynn
Since: Oct-2016
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Well the Hyatt has been $120 for over a month. And this holiday weekend  same.. I'm in the area as well and  it can be really high at times ... I do find  the Monterey Hyatt is kinda ideal . The location, price , room service/ food  and service .. it should be a fun holiday 🦃 Weekend lol 


rose  Miss Allison Lynn
Since: Oct-2016
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Oops totally misread ur post .. me bad half asleep and couldn't fathom this was in regards to donations in the Santa Cruz area ..and not hotel rates .. 

my take on rates in general . .. Rates are completely misused and under priced  .. both to high and to darn low.. makes things so complicated really ..can we please have a some what of a standardized system .. 
na that would be to easy .


tophat  Asubtlesenior
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Lol, looks like you need more sleep.

I'm all in
tophat  Jettn
Since: Jul-2014
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And I can assure YOU........EVERYONE loves your new pic's wink

Back to the's not just a Monterey, Santa Cruz's a general NS issue. Who cares???? one really. My hobbying personally has slowed to a trickle. Not that I can't afford it, I am very fortunate in that regards. It's just that the pussy isn't worth that much to me? Then again, I'm not fat, ugly or old....go figurewink

tophat  klixenlover
Since: Nov-2016
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Is it pricing or what is being offered at those price ranges. There isn't a lot of variety in this area. Same old providers posting ads, spew the same boring redundant ads day after day. Nothing around to excit the senses into parting with hard earned cash. I can give you the the name of someone who is quite lovely and wont break the bank.