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rose  Minxxy.Mia
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for being such gentlemen during my visit!!! 

there wasnt a single flake and only one or two cancel during my whole trip. I'll definitely make an effort to return to your area more often. You guys are among them that know how to treat a lady. and for this, i thank you.


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tophat  sweetswing
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Don't forget us  guys in Santa Cruz...though we're clumped together geographically, we're an hour a part!

rose  Minxxy.Mia
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unfortunately i wont be visiting the SC until the man  who beat up onya cox is caught. she was in the icu for several days and has reason to believe it was a hobbyist with cleared references who assaulted her.

im sorry honey

tophat  DamienB
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Minxxy, you're great, please do come back.  And it's nice to confirm that us here in Monterey are a classy bunch. :)

tophat  girth62
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First off. I can't think of a reason any one would have to flak on Mia. I have known her for a couple years now and she a total picture of Class..  just last month my ATF and I were in the same town as mia. So we meet for lunch. It was like I was the Cock of the walk.  Me having lunch with these two beautiful women.                                                 PS,  thanks for lunch Mia.