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rose  onya cox
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Every region is soo different from another.  The worst way to figure that out is by trial and error.
learning lessons.  SF I learned is best during the weekday, similar to SJ, where other cities surrounding those bigger ones are good on weekends and during the work week.

what about the SC...?

tophat  acguy
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I think providers will give a better answer than I can. For me, it's easiest on weekdays and during the day. For an opposing opinion, see this:

I will say that I see more NS ads for Santa Cruz during the week then on weekends. But, there could be lots of reasons for that.

tophat  QuietStorm
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Santa Cruz and Monterey are not as busy as the bay area so you would most likley need to advertise on BP and NightShift.
I don't see a big change during weekends here. The ladies seem to come out more when the weather is nice though I have noticed.