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tophat  Gboi88
Since: Jan-2016
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Anyone know of another site to look up providers????

tophat  Iwonttell6969
Since: Jan-2017
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This site here comes all the pussy be ready 

 doesn't show face mole cropped
rose  Rachelsonoma1
Since: Jan-2016 Vip 
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If you like mature ladies, maturesensual.

tophat  whuddaguy
Since: Oct-2016 Vip 
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the best escort site ever

rose  AlexisFierce
Since: Dec-2014
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I find that one difficult  NS also make it easier to screen both parties unlike hummaniplex

tophat  axplaya
Since: Sep-2016
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Ladies moved to the Dating section and massage section.......

tophat  MyBlueEyes
Since: Jul-2015
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I use Nightshift now. Providers are real and prices and terms well stated. Easy reviews to read. Just a lot safer and more reliable.

tophat  MyBlueEyes
Since: Jul-2015
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I use Nightshift now. I have had good luck with Providers being real, pictures accurate, and prices and terms listed well. The reviews make a choosing a provider easy. I just wish more Providers in the Monterey area would use this site.

tophat  DamienB
Since: Feb-2015
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Well now they pretty much have to or they'll never get calls.  BP was good to look for some real unicorns, and it was pretty obvious who was using real pics or not. But I agree, this site always delivers better communication, expectations, and quality. Plus it's safer for the girls too. 

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rose  Bliss Massage (FBSM)
Since: Aug-2016
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we moved to the therapeutic section of BP

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rose  TempleInTheTrees
Since: Nov-2016
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Much to the continued chagrin of serious therapeutic providers... though the deluge of AMP and LMP ads over the past year or two already drove most legitimate therapeutic providers away from BP.

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rose  Queenbee
Since: Jan-2016
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BP 's massage sections has always had sex ads in it Boobies and Puccies pix everywhere since 09.
There are real therapeutic sites, where any real therapist can and will not find LMPs/AMPs or escorts/24/7 girls pretending to do massage. 

(must have credentials) 
3. many more therapeutic sites

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rose  Montaine
Since: Jul-2014
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Aren't you on one?

Everyone is looking for the grass is greener alternative!

Personally I am glad that BP closed the adult section. I am sure I'll get some flack for that....but whatever!

I am not in favor of censorship.....but that being said...BP was becoming a cess pool.
And the price tag for providers to post on there was going through the roof. 
I quit BP ages ago.....made a decision not to feed the greed machine.

Since you are some websites:  (There is a Tantra section)



Lovings is usually over $100 per month. They are offering BP refugees a one-month deal for $15. They require a pic of your Dr. Lic. They are trustworthy and locally-run. 

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tophat  maverick/goose
Since: Aug-2015
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I have heard the worst of BP..But I have had my massage girl and she was on Redbook and then we all know what happened and she posted on BP.  She has never offered FS has always been clear with her postings.
She liked being utr. I have mentioned this site but she has another job and is in process of starting her own business. Her issue is too much talk! 
She is a great gal and I want her to continue her business pursuits..And this extra $ helps funds that endeavor.  Ms Montaine I appreciate your feedback but please refrain from judgement.
Not all NS Participants are free from Not being shady! You dear are an exceptional exception.

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rose  Montaine
Since: Jul-2014
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All sites have bag eggs....and we have certainly had our share here.

I do not think I am passing judgment....but if you think I am that is OK. I am comfortable with all of us having our own opinions and experiences.

Years ago BP was great.....not too many gals or Spam ads. Now it is out of control. And so challenging to find a gem among the garbage.
I am happy you found someone that meets your needs.

I made a decision for myself to step away from BP.  And I am comfortable with my choice. I know many other gals who also decided it was best to leave BP.

In my previous post I offered up a list of resources for the gents and the ladies.
New venues for advertising and searching.
It is not a complete list, and I may have a few more to add to it, but for now it should broaden the horizons just a bit!

If you are concerned about the demise of BP I would urge you and others  to take action and keep informed of the legal issues and how you can support "the cause".

All the best, always,
Ms M


rose  reiki spa
Since: May-2015
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I tried it didn't like the formate on I phone worried they'll shut this down too pm me please where are we to go after this sites closed ugh