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rose gemma
Since: Apr '16
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It was fun, it was real, it was real real fun. Nice town, no hobbyists apparently. Maybe I'm just unattractive. Oh well, later.
Getting dressed & I'm outtttt. Kbye.

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tophat Elvis P
Since: Jan '16
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"Maybe I'm just unattractive."
I seriously doubt it's that cheeky

tophat all4menow2
Since: Jun '15
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There's definitely hobbyists. Maybe try changing up the advertisements. Or run some specials to attract new clientele. I know the only time i called and messaged you it was dead silence on your end. Gl to you wherever you go.

tophat Edwolfe007
Since: Jul '14
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You look very attractive.  If i was you, i would consider changeing the tone of your Ad just a bit.  I think you can set your boundaries and expectations in an ad, but still have it sound inviting.  Just my .02 cents, and offered only to be helpful not as a criticism 

tophat Randywill69u
Since: Nov '16
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Were headed let's meet up I'm a good hobbyist I spoil my girls

tophat Squiggy
Since: Feb '15
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first poster with a stable..............hmmm