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Sophia loren
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Since: Jun '16
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I have a business trip that will take me there for several weeks. Hanoi primarily. But also down the coast.  Any intel would be great. 

tophat Squiggy
Since: Feb '15
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still leaves a bad taste in the mouth

tophat lqqkn4ahummer
Since: Oct '14
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Haven't been to Hanoi, only Ho Chi Mihn (Saigon) and Nah Trang (coastal city northeast of Saigon).  Action was plentiful in the Saigon bars, people are friendly, many speak English and things are on the inexpensive side.  
Nah Trang was a lively & pretty nice beach town with some good bars but not much girly action and things were dirt cheap.  My buddy and I did pick up a couple of locals at one of the bars the last night we were there.  After a few drinks, rode on the back of their scooters to our hotel, paid the night doorman a couple of bucks to let us bring the girls in and park their scooters in the lobby.  My girl stayed all night and she asked for a bit of money in the morning.  Gave her my last 500K Dong bill (About $20), was happy as a clam, banged me one more time and then left.  If you do go to the coastal areas, I think the best MO is to find a girl in the big city and take her with you though.

Maybe take a look at ISG for info on Hanoi although I do hear it's a bit more conservative up there. 

tophat bloggs
Since: Jan '16
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I'll be in Ho Chi Minh City (probably District 1) in early-December.  What places do you recommend regarding finding a lovely lady to accompany me?  

tophat Declan4u
Since: Sep '14
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So I am bumping this to see if anyone has any good information. I was looking at going since airfare is fairly cheap. Any suggestions or information please 

tophat prong
Since: Apr '17
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Never been there nor planning to, but I think we've all seen what is over there, plenty of choices, just avoid underage. 

tophat Kayusjdikk
Since: Nov '15
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Was wondering if anyone had used tinder over in Vietnam to get girls?

tophat Baybadboy
Since: Jul '16
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Hanoi is tighter than HCMC or Da Nang, but the girls you want to meet troll expat bars. Maybe start with fat cat