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Hello all!

So this is my first post on here. Still kind of a newbie. A friend and myself will be going to Tijuana the end of the month and really was able to gain a lot of information from reading other threads, but still had a few questions. I have been to Tijuana a few times but after reading on here feel I may be missing out. 

1. With a room at the Cascadas hotel above Hong Kong can you take girls to your room from bars that are owned by the same people (Chavelas, tropical)?

And are street girls allowed to go into your room? 

2. I see some talk about gfe. Really just looking for bbbj. Does anyone have they best way to get this down at the clubs? Is there a particular way that you have found success or to ask.

Thanks for any help and look forward to giving a full trip report!


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1. All clubs other than Adelitas are owned by Hong Kong. Tropical, Chavelas, and few others.  All will go to Cascadas hotel. Just mention before to them before you strike a deal. Some may not prefer walking across in those club clothes... Mostly will.

Street girls hanging outside of Cascadas will come to Cascadas. Some may decline that stand outside other hotels. 

Adelitas girls will not come to Cascadas strictly.

2.  GFE/BBBJ - YMMV there on your talks, your looks and your chemistry with the girl....All is possible with right amount of money and right amount of attitude that you show.  Good thing about bar girls over escorts is - bar girls choose services that they are comfortable with. They can be flexible and vary with one client to another.  Buy them drinks and talk through what you want.  Look good, smell good. Talk good. Then sky is limit (not suggesting BBFS here, lol).  Many times I got BBBJ without mentioning it with girl.  Sometimes I got lame BBBJ with specifically mention of it.  What I like about bargirls over escorts is that you can establish connection that guarantees good time in club itself than in room.

Will look forward to your trip report.


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Awesome! Thanks for all the info I will now try to put it to good use down there.