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Got back from my first trip to Tijuana, and thought I would write about it.  This may be way too much detail, but I thought people may like to hear about it.  Disclaimer.  This represents my impression of the trip, and as such, it may be biased.  I am not going to give the names of any of the girls we saw, and also not give the names of the agencies we called and used.  I don't really think that is important, but if anyone wants this information, you can message me.  Also, I am just an ordinary, average hobbyist.  I am no Don Juan or Brad Pitt.  If I come across as bragging, I really am not.  I know that the girls we saw in Tijuana were all paid for service.  Beautiful girls don't swoon at me every day in real life, so I know this was all part of being in Tijuana.   I am also not including any pictures.  A couple of girls I asked pictures of said "no".  Pictures and video are strictly forbidden in the clubs.  With that said, here goes.....

After years of wondering what Tijuana was all about, and reading many mongering stories, I finally got to experience Tijuana first hand.  I went with a fellow NightShift hobbyist for a three day visit.

First, a little background on Tijuana.  It is actually a very old city dating back to the days of the Spanish explorers.  In recent times, it has become famous (maybe infamous) because of its close proximity to the San Diego, USA border, and is nicknamed the "Gateway to Mexico".  One of the closest areas to the US border within Tijuana is the Zona Norte, which is where the Red Light district is located.   For years, the Mexican Peso hovered between the 12-16 peso/dollar conversion rate.  Very recently, since the election of Donald Trump, the peso value has weakened significantly compared to the US dollar, with a conversion rate approaching 20:1.  That translates to an even better deal for US tourists coming across the border to Tijuana.

From San Diego airport, there is easy bus transportation with the 992 bus into downtown San Diego, getting off at the Santa Fe station, and then taking the Blue Line trolley to the San Ysidro port of entry into Mexico.  The total fare is under $5.00, and the trip takes between an hour to an hour and a half.  However, since there were two of us, we decided to just take an Uber from the airport to the border for $26 total.   The border crossing is a fair amount of walking, with no line at all, and there are taxis on the Mexican side ready to take you to your hotel.  The Mexican side taxi was $6 USD (including tip) to our hotel.

There is an excellent web site forum called TJ Amigos (, which has an enormous amount of information about Tijuana, including the strip clubs, escort agencies, street girls, and a lot of other useful information.  It is worth it to become a member (free), and read the forums.   However, to view pictures that members post, you have to become a paid member.

We stayed at the Hotel Ticuan, which is on the southern edge of the Zona, and about 8 blocks or a 15 minute walk up Avenida Revolucion to Calle Coahuila, at the heart of the red light district.  The Ticuan Hotel is nice because it is a little farther from the zona, so more reputable girls who you can book through an agency usually have no problem coming to the Ticuan.  They won't come to a seedy hotel in the red light district.  The Ticuan is comfortable, has a lockable safe in the closet, and has old world charm.  It has excellent wifi, and includes free breakfast with the room.  The room was about $65 USD per night booking online, looking for the best rate.  With all taxes, it came out to $80 per night.  If you are just interested in mongering in the red light district, you could get a cheap place for around $20 - 40 USD per night, but expect a lot of street noise, maybe roaches, and not as nice surroundings.  Also, depending on the hotel, agency girls may not be comfortable coming to your hotel.  These factors are important if you are thinking of staying at Hotel Cascadas, which is part of Hong Kong Club on Calle Coahuila.  On one hand, you get to be right in the middle of the red light area, and you can take bar girls upstairs from HK club with no additional room fee (every half hour room fee is otherwise $18 USD, a total ripoff).  You could also stay as long as you want with the girl, without a knock on your door that your time is up.  You can also take upstairs any of the street girls who are standing all around the block.  The down side is that you can forget about getting an escort from an agency to come visit you at Hotel Cascadas.  (more on this later)   Also, the biggest bars HK Club, Adeletas, and Tropical all have their own hotel, and they won't let you bring a bar girl from any of the competing clubs into their rooms.  So if you have a room at Cascadas, and you want to take a bar girl from Adeleta upstairs, you won't be able to, and you will have to pay the room fee for the Adeleta Hotel ($13 USD per half hour).

One thing that is a serious consideration is getting a VIP card for HK Club, which costs $50 USD, lasts for 3 months (officially, though I hear you can use it for longer), gives you a few minor perks, takes 20% off room rates for Hotel Cascadas, and the biggest thing is on Mondays and Tuesdays, takes a whopping 80% off the room fee.  That means that a $60 room costs only $12 on Monday and Tuesday, once you have a VIP card.  It is something to think about, and it will pay itself back if you Arriba (take a girl up) even a couple of times.  You can buy the VIP card online, and also reserve the room online through the HK Club web site.  Prebooking is smart, because these rooms can sell out if you wait and try to book in person last minute or on site after you arrive.

HK Club also has a number of other coupons on their web site which you can use even if you aren't VIP.  However, there are two great coupons for Monday and Tuesday, one which gives you a free VIP pass into a private room with a girl, and the second which gives you 2 for 1 drinks.  The free VIP pass coupon also includes a free appetizer, but forget the food.   The VIP pass is normally $21 and this coupon is worth picking up. Only one coupon per person per day is allowed, and you have to talk to the woman at the cashier and give her the coupon when you first walk in to the club.

Before the trip, I spent a few hours reading on TJ Amigos.  I also made e-mail contact with a few of the escort agencies in Tijuana.  They all steered me towards WhatsApp, which is free to text from the USA.  That allows them to send you updated information on the girls who are available, along with pictures.  I found the pictures to be pretty much a total waste, since none of them show a full standing view of the girl, and most are close ups of a girl's bust or her butt, or a side body shot of her wearing a bra and panties.  Once an agency knows you, and you have booked with them, they may send you better pictures of the girls, including face pictures.  However, the girls are very sensitive to this kind of information getting distributed, since many of them are young, live at home with their parents, and want to keep a low profile.

We were arriving on a Sunday afternoon, leaving Wednesday morning, so I booked agency girls for Sunday evening at 6 pm, and both Monday and Tuesday late morning at 11 am.   Rates varied from around 1200 pesos to 1600 pesos per hour for a full GFE session, with multiple positions, BBBJ, DATY, and DFK.  CIM and anal have an upcharge of around 200 pesos each, and you should confirm in advance if the girl you want does these services.  Reading from TJ Amigos, these prices have gone up recently, tracking the rise in the US dollar.  I don't think costs have inflated in Tijuana however, and the buying power of the peso is the same as it was within Mexico, so this is just a scam from the agencies to try and capitalize on the higher conversion.  Some of them outright post rates in USD instead of pesos.   For example, one agency may post 1600 pesos for one hour session, which may have been the equivalent of $100 USD last year, but now are posting a rate of $125 per hour.  What does this all mean?  Exchange your money into pesos, negotiate your rates in pesos, and you will usually do better.

I spent a lot of time looking at the online lineups of the different girls from agencies, reviewing their prices, reading some reviews of the girls on TJ Amigos, and carefully selected who I wanted to see before hand.  As it turns out, this was a waste of time.  I communicated very clearly with the agency contact (ie. pimp) through WhatsApp, confirming the date, time, price, etc.  On the first day, I even texted and confirmed at around 11 am for the 6 pm appointment.  Then, after we arrived in Tijuana, I got a text at 3 pm, 3 hours before the appointment, that the girl has her period.  WTF?!   I then also got a cancellation for both the other appointments for the next two days.  Another one said the girl started her period, and the third said that the girl is not responding to text messages from the agency, and is unavailable.  At first, I thought this was unprofessional of the agency, but then I realized that this is the mentality in Tijuana, and (not to generalize) may also be the mentality of how business operates in general in Mexico.   Also, even if the agency cancels last minute and inconveniences you, they won't bend over backwards to make it right for you if you are a new customer.  This is also backwards from the way business operates in the USA, where the "customer is always right".  It is annoying, but unfortunately, just the way it is.   The solution is to basically play the same game as the agencies.  Go ahead and double and even triple book with girls from different agencies.  Then, when the time comes, if one of the ones you booked actually is ready and on time, go ahead and give the agency your room number.   They will be the "thumbs up" to make the appointment official, and the girl will be on the way.  Once she arrives, the time starts.    Some girls even have profiles on multiple agencies, under different names, and they will have no problem cancelling on a client if they get a higher paying client from another site.  If you are booking a popular girl on a busy Friday or Saturday night, expect a cancellation, unless you are paying top dollar.  Alternately, at slow times like Tuesdays, you will get many girls who have no clients, are looking for work, and will lower their rates.

So here is how the experience went for me the first night...  6 pm appointment cancelled at 3 pm, claiming her period started.  This company was rude and belligerent.   I cut off communication with them after a brief text exchange.  Contacted another agency who texted me the info on a new girl not even on their web site who was available "right now", scheduled for 5 pm, but then was a last minute cancellation due to sudden unexpected emergency.  They were nice about it and suggested another girl who was available.  Scheduled with her for 6 pm, for 1400 pesos ($70 USD) for one hour.  She arrived at around 6:30, a half hour late.  The girl had to be cleared through the hotel front desk, and it felt a little strange to have the same woman who politely checked me into my room a couple of hours ago now looking at the ID of an escort with me standing next to her.  It seemed pretty commonplace for them, and no one else seemed to think it was odd.   She was 18 years old, pretty, with long dark hair and dark mascara.  She was fluent in English, was friendly and talkative in the elevator ride up, and made me feel at ease right away.   She had spent a lot of time in the US, but returned to Tijuana for family.  Once in the room, the girl goes into the bathroom and runs the shower.   She comes out in 5 minutes smelling fresh and wearing a towel.  She lays down on the bed, and it was everything you would want - DFK, kissing her breasts and her body, squeaky clean DATY, and BBBJ.  She continued with the BBBJ as long as I wanted, with no complaint, and with a lot of enthusiasm, strings of saliva, BLS, you name it.  I was getting close so I had her stop, put the cover on, and she rode on top cowgirl.  I played with her perky breasts while she bounced up and down.   Ended up in missionary, where she became very passive and kind of laid there quietly, but allowed deep penetration into her tight pussy.  I finished right when the hour was ending.   It was a fantastic session, and a great way to start the trip.  She quickly got dressed while making small talk, gave me her number through WhatsApp, and was out the door after I gave her the donation + tip.

The other hobbyist I came with was doing a Toda La Noche (TLN, or all nighter) with another agency girl.  The night was still early, but already dark outside.  I walked out to a corner store and bought a beer and some lemonade, but didn't feel comfortable walking around alone without knowing where I was going.  I went back into the hotel, and after another hour said what the heck, why not call another girl?  Quick texts with the same agency I used for the first girl, and they had another girl available, who was a little older, and her short synopsis said "bbbj good.  you will like".  They gave me a discount, so her rate was only 1100 pesos ($55 USD) for an hour GFE session.

Same drill as before.  Met the girl in the lobby of the hotel (for some reason, the front desk could not reach me by my room phone), and had to get her cleared through the front.  She was not as pretty as the first one, had curly, dark hair, and a pleasant, friendly personality, but she could not speak any English.   She was attractive, and I was happy going into the elevator with her.  Good thing for Google Translate, so I was at least able to converse with her a little bit to break the ice.  Then in the room, she goes into the shower, comes out clean, and wearing the towel.  It was similar experience as the first one, with her ready and willing to do anything, with no complaint or hesitation.   It had not been long since the first session, and I was having trouble finishing after about a half hour.  She took the condom off, and then she laid sideways on the bed and maneuvered herself so she was propped up comfortably on her elbow right next to my groin.  She then proceeded to give an epic BBBJ, with plenty of sucking, gagging, deep throating action.  I now know why they had that label "bbbj good" next to her.  Wow!  At the end of the session, a quick hug, exchanging phone numbers through WhatsApp, paid the fee + tip, and she was gone.

I was kind of numb.  I jUst had two great sessions, full on GFE, and I was only out $130.  I contacted the agency again, and set up a third appointment for the next morning at 11 am with another girl.  I was told the girl is only available at 9 am.  Very early, but okay.  I set my alarm and go to bed.

The next morning, I wake up and text the agency to confirm the 9 am appointment, and of course, she cannot make it.  She wants to reschedule for around 12 noon or 1 pm.  There is no way I am going to plan my day around a flake girl, who is probably going to cancel again, so I don't book anything.  I go downstairs and we have breakfast.  His appointment for the morning flaked as well.  We decide to go to check out the local Costco in Tijuana.  Lo and behold, its just like Costco in the USA, but with most things around around 30-40% cheaper, except the electronics which seemed pricey.  I suggested we go straight to HK club from there.  Even for a Monday around noon, the club seemed to have a number of beautiful girls.  I saw one when I first walked in who was a tall strawberry blonde and was drop dead gorgeous.  Model quality.  By the time we were seated, I couldn't find her.  I bought a ficha with one girl that our mesero recommended was a fun girl, but sent her away soon after.  I got up, walked around, and met the strawberry blonde standing alone downstairs.  Brought her over to our table, and I was all smiles with her and bought her a ficha.  Big mistake!  After a few minutes of small talk, she brought up going upstairs, Arriba.  How much?  100 USD.  What?!  100 for a half hour, plus an additional 20 for the room fee.   I told her 1000 pesos, and she gave me this kind of cold, narrow eyed look.  LOL.  Lesson learned - don't seek out the most beautiful girl and be gushing all over her, if you actually want to Arriba.  You have to play it cool, if you want to be able to negotiate.  Anyway, long and short, we slowed it down, made some small talk and joked around.  I bought her another ficha, and after about a half hour she left. I bought her two fichas, and probably gave her around 6 dollars in additional tips.  She gave me her WhatsApp number.

At two pm, me and the other hobbyist went for massages at Viva Mex massage on Av. Revolucion.  They have a TJ Amigos discount that you have to ask for, which comes out to $25 USD for a full hour massage.  Was a decent legit massage.  I have been to enough MP to know my way around, how to give the masseuse hints that you would like to have "extra" service.  This masseuse was having none of it.  No lingering around certain areas, moved away when my hand touched her body occasionally.  It was a decent massage though.  I gave a $5 tip, so total of $30, and we were on our way.  The other guy had a similar experience - legit massage with no extras.

That evening, I booked another girl with the same agency that I had good luck with the previous night.  The other hobbyist booked the same girl I had for my second appointment the day before, based on my opinion of her, with that killer BBBJ.  He had a similar experience with her that I had.   For myself, after several suggestions from the agency of which girl to pick, and then having the girl not answer or be unavailable, I settled for one that was not my top choice.  When she arrived that evening, it was a similar routine, but just wasn't as fun, and she was nowhere near as attractive or skilled as the two girls from the previous evening.  I ended up finishing with a mediocre BBBJ, with her using her hands a lot.  When I finished, she said that it was a CIM, and said that was extra.  The agreed price was 1100 pesos, and I gave her an extra 200 pesos with no additional tip, for total of 1300 pesos, and sent her away.

After our evening sessions, the two of us took a cab back to Zona Norte.  We decided to go into Adelita first.  Very different vibe than HK club, much darker, with girls mostly standing around. There were only two stripper poles, with no action.  The girls looked heavier, and had more butt and breast implants - not my thing.  I then saw this gorgeous dark skinned spinner who was standing quietly by herself and looked usure of herself.  I asked the girl sitting next to us to call her over.  She came over, and she was very new and shy.  I bought her a ficha, and we talked for a while, using Google Translate.  She had just come to Tijuana a few days ago from Sinoloa - at least that's what she said.  She was so timid, that I believed her.   Just for the heck of it, I asked her about Arriba, and she said 80 USD.  I discussed it with her, only half serious.  Eventually we negotiated to $55 for half hour, or $85 for the hour.  The room charge was $13, but for he full hour, it becomes $26.  She was cool with different positions, DATY, and BBBJ.  I hesitated though - maybe because it was so soon after our evening agency session just ended in our hotel room, or maybe I already had too much to drink.  I told her maybe later, and she walked away.

We left Adelita and went to HK Club to check it out on a Monday night.  HK was crowded.  There were two girls in the back stage doing a routine with bubble bath soap, sliding around on stage naked.  We got a seat close to them, and it was a little kinky to take a soapy dildo and put it into this girl's pussy while she watches you doing it.  She didn't seem to mind, and I think this is a daily thing for some of these girls.  It was funny to see some of the guys have the soapy girl sit on their face, and get soap all over their clothes, face, and hair.  We went upstairs, and my hobbyist friend found a girl he liked and was off in a booth getting a lap dance from her.  I looked down on the first floor stage, and there was a lesbian show starting with two girls who were sucking on lollypops, squirting something from a bottle on each other's bodies, and eating each other out.  They then brought out this mechanical dildo/drill and were using it on each other.  It was fun to watch it, but not that erotic.  Then, some poor guy sitting next to the stage got dragged (literally) into their performance.  They made him lie on the stage while one naked girl sat on his face and grinded against his forehead.  I felt embarrassed for the poor guy, but I watched it just like everyone else.  LOL.   They then took off his belt, turned him on his stomach, and tried to pull down his pants while they bitch slapped his naked butt with his own belt.  Mental note to self - be very careful sitting too close to a stage when they are doing one of these shows, unless you want to become part of the act!

After the show, I told my friend I was going back to Adelita to see if I could find that girl again.  I was reconsidering.  He was still busy with the girl from before, so he said he would meet me there.   I went back, and the girl was gone.  Another very young and perky girl came over to me and got me to buy her a ficha and another drink for myself.  She did take me to a side booth and gave me a decent lap dance.  I didn't want to buy her another ficha, and just when she left, my friend walked in and sat down.  I told him I couldn't find that first girl.   For some reason, another semi-cute girl that happened to walk by made eye contact, and she sat down on my lap.  I didn't buy her a ficha, but we talked a little bit, and I offered her 1000 pesos to Arriba, and she accepted.  Impulse decision, but I went ahead with it, just so I could see what it was about.  We walked out of the club, and she puts on a little robe.  I tip the guy at the front a dollar.  Upstairs from Adelita is a dingy hotel with small box shaped rooms and echoing corridors.  I see chairs, brooms, mops and junk all around in the corridors.  We go into a dimly lit room for the session.  To sum it up, was a very unpleasant experience.  I did not enjoy it at all.  She did a BBBJ, but it was rough, and I wasn't getting aroused.  We made a half hearted attempt at putting the condom on, and doing it in missionary, but I was not excited by her, and maybe too drunk to even get myself up and ready for sex.

We ended the session, I came back downstairs, and my friend and I left Adelita.  We walked around the corner and saw a few taco stands, and we became hungry.  Maybe the only highlight of the evening was the delicious street tacos we had.   Maybe they were just okay, and it was the alcohol and the late night munchies.  Whatever it was, they tasted great and helped me forget that terrible experience in the Adelita hotel.   We walked back to the Ticuan, and went to bed.

Day three, our last day, started out like the day before, with scheduled morning appointments, which flaked for both of us.  After a leisurely breakfast, we walked over to HK Club again.  Tuesday late morning was very slow, but the ratio of guy clients to girls was low.  I noticed there were as many meseros walking around as there were girls.  I was talking with Enrique our mesero, when I noticed a pretty brunette sitting alone in a booth behind us.  I ask him to bring her over to us.   She was so petite, with beautiful shoulder length dark hair, and a sexy peach colored two piece bikini.  She has a lot of dark but tasteful ink tattoos, and she also has dark nail polish in intricate patterns on her fingernails.  She has tattoos along the sides of fingers of her hand and also tattoos on her neck.   Everything about her says "bad girl", but she acts very friendly and sweet.  She is cuddling up to me, and smells fresh and clean.  I'm sure it was just work for her, but she has me hook, line, and sinker.  This girl is a knockout.  She reaches down and grabs my crotch every so often and is getting me turned on.  Okay the negotiation... She starts off at 100 USD, but I keep my wits about me, and stay at $50.  I then remember the conversion rate, and switch over to offering 1000 pesos, which may be more easy to put in reference for her.  She says no.  We do have very good chemistry and after a few minutes, I ask her again and she agrees to the 1000 peso offer, so we go upstairs arriba.   This experience is the exact opposite of the one from the night before.   Instead of me being a limp noodle, everything is "on point".  She was probably one of the top three sexiest women I had seen, and had the most beautiful little body and tight pussy.  She was very into it, pushing her hips hard into my face in DATY.  In cowgirl she was grinding into me like there was no tomorrow.  We switched to doggie, and had to be one of my best experiences in doggie, (which I'm not really a fan of) seeing that beautiful body with her back arched and ass up against me, while i grabbed her tight waist.  I could feel all her tiny stomach muscles under her paper thin skin.  What a body!   I think all the frustrations of flaked appointments and the bad experience from the night before made me rougher than I usually am, and we did it fast, while I slapped her ass hard.  She seemed to like it.  I came like a volcano, and all the negative from the day before disappeared, replaced with this happy glow.

We cleaned up and walked back into the club.  It was the strangest experience, walking around in a haze after great sex.  I just kind of stood around just feeling happy, and I saw her stumble into the back ladies room.  LOL.  I found a seat on the main floor near the stage, and about 15 min later, I saw her come back out and sit by the main bar.  We made eye contact, I waved her over, and she sat down next to me.  We were cuddling and kissing right there in the middle of the club,and it felt great.  I told her I wanted to go home and take a nap, and we were joking around that she had to continue working her shift until 6 pm.  LOL.   Of all the girls, she was the one girl that didn't have a phone.  She said she just lost it last week.  Okay, reality check.  I'm sure it's just a line, and she probably has a novio (boyfriend).

Eventually, the moment passed, and she got up and left.  I went back and found the booth we had when we first sat down, and chatted with the mesero.  I remembered I had this VIP coupon still unused, and I noticed this tall blonde girl with the shortest dress possible doing her dance on the main stage.  She was tall, with beautiful shoulders and slender arms, and looked fantastic.  When her dance ended, I happened to glance her way.  We made eye contact, and she came right over.  I moved over and made room for her to sit down.  Our mesero was good, and didn't push any ficha.  We just chatted for a few minutes.  Then, our mesero suggested we go to the VIP room and use the coupon.  Good idea!

In the private room, I was already spent, but just wanted to have fun with this gorgeous blonde.  She was already backing up against me when I was sitting, but we were already doing that outside.  I told her to stand up on the bench, and she did that, giving me the most amazing look at her ass and camel toe pussy from underneath, while she swayed back and forth.  She slowly brought her ass lower and lower until she was rubbing it against my face.  I told her to turn around, and she stood on the bench and began grinding her pussy against my face.  If her panties hadn't been there, it would have been a DATY session.  I couldn't believe I was getting turned on and hard all over again.  Then came the knock on the door.  The time was up.  I gave her a few dollars tip, and tipped the guy while leaving (mental note to tip him BEFORE the VIP for a longer session next time).

We walked back to our booth.  I could see the brunette watching us across the room, not looking too pleased.  We got back to the table, and the blonde brought up arriba, $100.  I said no thanks.  I can't.   Within a couple of minutes, she came down to $60.   If right then, I could have been superman and be ready to go again, I would have done it.  The blonde was smoking hot, and you don't often get an offer like that.  I had her pussy smell all over my face.  I told her no, I'm sorry I can't.   She got this disappointed look on her face, and I gave her a couple more dollars tip and said bye.

A few minutes later, we headed out of HK Club.  We had appointments at 2 pm at another massage place that was known to give extras, that we had set up the day before.  We got the "TJ Amigos" rate at this place too, $25 for the hour.  We got there a little ahead of time, and of course, the masseuses had not even shown up yet.  We met one of the owners, a nice guy that spoke good English.  He gave us wifi access, and we waited about a half hour for the girls to arrive for massage.

The girl I got for massage did a great, skilled massage.  She behaved like a CMT, with all the towels, positioned everything carefully covering everything.  I was thinking there is no way this place gives extras.  On the flip, I was a little slow to cover up.  While she was massaging my leg, she just asked me how I heard of the place.  i told her it was through TJ Amigos, and that was all she needed to hear.  She took off the towel, and rubbed oil all over me.  My other leg was forgotten.  In a couple of minutes, she proceeded to give me this mind blowing blow job.  The girl was a nut.  It's like she couldn't get enough of it.  She climbed up and was kneeling on the massage table going deep throat.  The buzzer sounded, signaling it was the end of the hour long massage.  She said it's okay, and just kept going.  It felt great, but it was still so soon after the arriba, that I didn't think I couldn't cum again.  She got off the table and turned off the alarm, which was still ringing.  I thought the massage was over, but she came back over and started with the blow job all over again, like she wanted it so bad.  It was crazy!  I was really starting to enjoying it, and wondering if maybe I could cum again, when she finally stopped and said that she may have another appointment and the massage is over.  I got up, showered and cleaned up, and paid her.  The massage was $25 for the hour, plus I gave her a $20 tip, total of $45 for an excellent massage, plus a mind blowing blow job that, any other day, would have had me nut in two minutes flat.

We walked back to our hotel.  Along the way, we went by an Italian restaurant that the other guy said was very good.  We went in, and a nice English speaking waiter served us the lunch menu, even though it was past 4 pm.  I stuffed myself with lasagna and a chicken parmesan sandwich.  The total bill for everything for both of us?  $12 USD.

Back to the hotel room, and I took a short siesta nap.  The other guy had another TLN scheduled for that night.  I woke up to find messages from both the girls from the first night.  I replied back to the first one, who was prettier, and arranged another hour session.  For some reason, she wanted more than the agency charged, because she said she would have to pay for the taxi on her own, while the agency provided the driver.  I texted her that I would just book her through the agency, and she was okay with it.  I looked through my remaining funds and saw that I only had 200 pesos left, but many US dollars.  Instead of visiting the money conversion, I offered $50 USD + the 200 pesos, and they were fine with it.

Same routine as before, the embarrassing check-in at the front desk, with a new girl at the counter looking closely at my ID.  She comes up to the room, and it is another fantastic session, similar to the first night.  This girl has that soft, pliable skin of a young 18 year old girl, and is all smiles and responsive.   We were talking a little bit, and I told her I may have a little trouble finishing because we were out earlier in the day - after all, why lie to her.   She knows what men do in Tijuana.  She says no problem, you can "kim".  "Kim?", I ask.  She points at her mouth and says "Kim".  Oh, you mean "C-I-M, cum in mouth", I say.    She gets this blank look on her face for a second, and then says "Oh, C-I-M, that's what it means?  I didn't know"   Lol, this girl was such a ditz!  It didn't detract from the sex, which was hot and steamy.  I had no problem finishing, without needing "kim", despite all the action I had earlier in the day.

Went to bed early, knowing I had an early flight.  The trip back to the US was uneventful, and I was able to figure out the trolley and bus to get back to the airport without a hitch.  A quick flight, another Uber back home, and the trip was over.

My first Tijuana trip was memorable.  I had no idea that a place so filled with easily accessible, high quality sex was so close by.  I felt like I had just scratched the surface, and I am sure I will be back again very soon!


Patrick bateman
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Great TR, thanks for posting.  Immersive detail.  

tophat bruce le
Since: Jul '16
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great   info a TJ newbie  to  be  this   was vital - reconnaissance is important for a smooth and trouble -less  adventure.  thanks.

tophat Buttlvr
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Great post. Can't wait to get back there one of these days.

Pgp1373 simpsons scream copy
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Thanks for the post, I'm hoping to go there maybe next month so if any Nightshift guys want to host, Maybe we can all all go down there.

tophat Key Master
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Great trip report. Many thanks!

tophat BKKTSfan
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great report….

tophat Juwades
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Great TR bro! Thank you for sharing

tophat nigmhe
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Thanks, Victor93720, for a fine report -- which I used as a guide for a five day trip to TJ (my first) two weeks ago.  

Got a room with two double beds (convenient!) at Hotel Ticuán; it was nice, and included free hot breakfast.  Only complaint was poor Wifi (strong signal, but slow data rate).  No issues with the front desk; they called to announce each guest, who then came directly to the room.  Per my request, they gave me a quiet room, which was neither near the disco nor the street.  On disco nights, the music was barely audible.  

As I have a low tolerance for cigarette smoke, I confined my activities to escort agencies and nearby massage parlors.  The parlors that I visited (four within two blocks of the hotel) are actually brothels, each with a lineup, and beds, and cost $65-80 total for an hour (all fun, no massage).  It's important to negotiate with your choice before paying the room fee, an approach that is discouraged until you start walking away.  

A quick daytime walk through several Zona Norte clubs (a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel) was enough for me, too smoky and noisy.  From reading TJAmigos, the street girls cost much less, but from your description, the environment is less than romantic.

Thanks again for your comprehensive report; it was a big help.

tophat surfboy
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Do you guys pay cash or credit card for the Hotel?

Do you make a reservation online?


tophat AnthonyClinton661
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If you're staying at the ticuan try to pay in person I've stayed there quite a bit generally you'll pay $10 more for the room but they'll give you a way better bed and amenities. I think they have their rooms separated by online booking and in person transactions 

tophat DDDLover
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If you're staying at the ticuan try to pay in person I've stayed there quite a bit generally you'll pay $10 more for the room but they'll give you a way better bed and amenities. I think they have their rooms separated by online booking and in person transactions 


I use to book Ticuan with their some ongoing coupon which saves me 16% and you can cancel for free a day prior by 6 PM.  Works great for me compared to paying cash.  Ticuan is Safe hotel and very near to Hong Kong bar. 

tophat surfboy
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I am going to TJ Rosarito for a few days for the first time.

I have no idea how to book a hotel.

Is CA driver's license is enough as ID?

tophat DDDLover
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I am going to TJ Rosarito for a few days for the first time.

I have no idea how to book a hotel.

Is CA driver's license is enough as ID?


CA DL is enough in TJ / Rosarito.  But I guess, you will be carrying some kind of passport book/card as well.

tophat Genki
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Thank you for sharing all that intel Brother Victor!

It must have taken a little while to type that out - hope you didn't get "writer's cramp" LOL

Thank again for sharing!


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Haven't been to TJ yet but would love to check it out. Sounds like some crazy fun times.

tophat AnthonyClinton661
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Check out some Airbnb's as well in the rosarito area there's some amazing luxurious places for a fraction of what you pay for a hotel! You can get something thing nice on the beach for $70 to $80 a night. The hotel ticuan is super safe and it's located next to one of tjs best night clubs called las pulgas you can get bottle service for like $30 with mixers my advice get what you like and get a bottle of buccanans the girls will gravitate to you like moths to a light. And yes I've booked using a DL. I always book in person for some reason they give you a way better room with a more comfortable bed 

tophat AnthonyClinton661
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It's like Disneyland for guys like us. What goes for $600 over here you get the same quality of not better over there for $80 that's not an exaggeration 

rose ladonna
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omg talk about an amazing write up! thanks so much!! appreciate all the details!!!!!! iam a girl in my 30s and enjoy the clubs in tj, but im just a beginner!! do you think it would be safe for me to go alone? im a little hesitant so i wanted professionals opinions;) thanks in advance!!! 

tophat AnthonyClinton661
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I had a female friend tag along with us and she ended up loving it.  A few guys bought her some drinks and the table waiter came and said if she wanted to get paid to drink. After the drinks started coming he would give her a little toothpick sword looking thing by the end of the night she accumulated like 12 of these things and gave them back to the waiter and he came back with $36! For her she never went up with anyone just sat around drank and danced. But I think you'd be ok I'm not sure if going alone is a good idea. I'm going Friday and Saturday if you had any plans 

tophat GlobalTrotter75
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A superbly documented trip report.  Well done.

tophat Notyoavgjoe
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I have taken a provider from California to Tijuana 5 times. Latina, raised by caucasians, doesn't speak a lick of spanish. They let her dance at Hong Kong, Adelitas, Chicago.

On Redbook she was rated #3 at one time.

Even the girls would ask if she was going to dance.

I wrote a trip report about it. I titled it. "Bringing sand to the beach."


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I've said it once, I'll say it a million times, what you posted is why I no longer hobby in the USA. BRAVO!

tophat Sam_Riker
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Great report.. 

tophat Genki
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I concur!

The OP provided excellent intel.

I certainly hope he might provide us with another detailed report of his recent experience.