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tophat  Ilike2pay4it
Since: Sep-2014
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Last night was fantastic in TJ. The Hong Kong Club was rocking. Beautiful ladies everywhere for $70.00 USD (30Min) I was in heaven. It was worth the drive.

I'm tired of NS providers flaking on me. TJ is so much easier.

tophat  Getmo
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Yeah, a few years ago I use to go to TJ quite a bit, definitely agree there's a lot of beautiful Ladies down south. Three reasons why I stopped going there :
1 - Very tough to find a Lady that will do GFE.
2 - Waiting for hours at the border just to come back into CA during the day.
3 - Constantly being hassled by TJ Police at night when coming back to CA.

tophat  Smile_Doc
Since: Oct-2014
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not worth dangers of going to TJ. no thanks

tophat  Ilike2pay4it
Since: Sep-2014
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Perhaps I got lucky, now with smart phones, and Google translator, was able to find the cutest girl for a fantastic GFE experience.
I now have the TSA pre card that gets me in the SENTRI line, no wait at all.
I've never had a problem with the TJ cops.

50+ trips in 20 years and never one problem. I don't speak Spanish, just speak $$$.

tophat  Notyoavgjoe
Since: Aug-2015
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I wrote a primer for TJ newbies on the International threads here. Many have benefitted by it.

Yes, $80 is common, I have gotten RBGFE for $60 which included CIM. Most of my girls are GFE to include DFK, BBBJ, DATY. I see most for about $80. If a girl quotes me $100 out of the gate I move on. If you make a connection with a girl, they will mostly stay past the HH, closer to an hour. An escort girl will be about $125H, $160H and a half and it most definitely be GFE with a couple providing CIM. Greek is a bit harder to come by though I do have one honey that has been giving me that without upsell. Mostly, I treat the girls quite well. I bring clothes for them and their kids, halloween costumes which thrills them. I am rewarded with extra time, GFE, pics and sometimes, VIDS.

The Sentri line is the way to go. Last time I left on a Monday, around 11:00 am and was in line all of 5 minutes.

There is never any guarantee that the cops won't mess with you. Better you travel in pairs or groups. Mostly, I fly solo. You have to understand that the cops will shake you down if you wander off the path. Stick close to the clubs or Taxi most places. A $5 cab ride is much better and no hassle.

I stumbled across this thread by accident. I mostly post in the Central Valley forums.


tophat  BobbyJack
Since: Aug-2015
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This is why I want to live in San Diego one day.  TJ is so close lol.

tophat  Ilike2pay4it
Since: Sep-2014
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You nailed it, many thanks for posting EXACTLY what you'd expect there. I was there again on Tuesday night. I had an amazing totally GFE experience with a beautiful blonde. She was so fresh, clean, tight, talented, and tasted great!

Hobbying in the California is so much more difficult. Not to mention so much more expensive.

The hottie that I had on Tuesday night was only $120 for the hour. It was money well spent. She let me take her picture, but asked that I not post it on the internet.

tophat  all4menow2
Since: Jun-2015
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Ill take a TJ hooker any day of the week over a NS girl. Service is impeccable in comparison and the cost just cannot be beaten. I have been to Mexico at lest 40 times and every city i have been to I have had better service than any NS girl.

tophat  gentlemiinn
Since: Dec-2016
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Really whoever says the San Diego scene is better than Tijuana's... obviously is not skilled enough or too afraid of "mexico". lol

I can argue many areas of National City/Chula Vista/Imperial Beach/Pacifc Beach/Ocean Beach... are way freaking sketchier than Tijuana's Coahuila  

You stay in line if you aren't smart and don't do a SENTRI card... but you can pay $7 and get a front-of-the-line bus. 

tophat  unerkannt
Since: Nov-2015
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 I've been following these Tijuana threads with interest being a normal guy. But I harken back to my days at Fort Bliss Texas across the border from Juarez when my army drill sergeant says "you guys get in trouble in Juarez the Army can't do nothing for you"  

 And I'm thinking getting locked up in a Mexican jail  for an indeterminate amount of time just to get some "romance" is it worth it?

Guess it depends on your age and your experience level :-)


tophat  bruce le
Since: Jul-2016
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Newbie  question -  what  is a Sentri  card or sentri line?? ?   and how will the Mexican cops  hassle  you ...pretend to plant drugs,  Jay walking,  litter  law,  do  you  bribe  them  if  they  hassle you??

tophat  AnthonyClinton661
Since: Jun-2015
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I've been over there countless times I don't speak a word of Spanish. My advice just stick to the Main Street (hong kong, adelitas) and you'll be fine there will be plenty of other people with all types of nationalities. I usually park my car on the American side of the border and walk over the cab ride should be anywhere from 5 to 10 dollars and don't take the cab drivers advice on where to go they will more than likely try to take you to a place called amnesia DONT GO THERE! The girls are not top quality and it's super expensive instead tell him to take you to a pharmacy buy a viagra $5! And hit Hong Kong everything you need will be on that block 

tophat  Notyoavgjoe
Since: Aug-2015
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Sentri pass is a global entry pass that you have to apply to the U.S. government for. It requires an application, payment, interview at the border, (2 places if you wish to register your car, within 20 minutes of each other.) The government will vet you and decide if you are trustworthy. It helps if you have a clean arrest record.

Return entry will allow you to drive trough the Sentri lane, (20 minutes vs. 3 hours.) or walk across using the sentri line. I drive so I don't know much about walking across.

Totally worth it for me. The least amount of time I've spent in line was like, 10 minutes.


Just google search Sentri card or Global entry.

tophat  wayne root
Since: Mar-2015
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My experiences are the same as the others. I can get GFE at Adelitas no problem. They don't screen, they don't ask for references, they don't ask me to drive to point A to get to point B, etc. 

As long as I compensate them well and treat them kindly and with respect, they're great! It's so much more difficult for us here. The providers here put the customers through their gauntlet, and then they are not necessarily kind even after getting paid. Many still believe they are doing me a favor. They don't appreciate our business, unlike the Mexican ladies.

The Mexican police, however, are definitely a problem at night. They pulled over the cab I was taking to the border and accused me of being on drugs. They put their hands in my pockets and took my money. What defense do I have for this? That experience makes me question whether TJ is worth a return visit.

tophat  jizzme
Since: Dec-2015
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Anyone doing a trip in Feb? Also do you guys pay in pesos or USD?