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tophat Cum2me
Since: Nov '15
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I am looking for suggestions for Seoul and Barcelona.  I suspect Barcelona will be easy, so I'm more wondering about Seoul. 

tophat Rinhincruz
Since: Sep '16
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Seoul has a well functioning, almost formalized system in place.  The best source of information on Seoul is Rockit Reports. It has suggestions for foreigner friendly establishments from Kiss Bangs, Lip Bangs, to Escorts to OfficeTels to Animas.  If you have a Korean friend in Seoul that will help Seoul will be super easy.  If not it just takes a bit more work but it is very doable to find foreigner friendly establishments.  If you want reliable then you go to Belle or Cool or Fish Anima.  With a bit more work and Google translate you can surf over Abam or similar site with all the listing.  In general, it is easy to find the women young, often amateurish students etc. I particularly liked the lip bangs (blow job place).  Good service for reasonable prices and very well established menus. 

I lived there for two years recently.  PM me if you want to know more.

tophat BoarderinCA
Since: Jul '14
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I wouldn't recommend a kiss or lip bang. Most of them are about $40 entry fee and $100 tip for extras. You might as well go to an anma (massage) place for that price. OP(office-tels) are a little riskier since they get raided every now and then. I think the best bang for the buck is going to be an anma. You just need to find someone who can take you. Not sure of any places that take foreigners. Rinhincruz, I think abam's shutdown. I'm sure there a bunch of other ones,