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Just took a trip as a paid assistant to some folks and got to visit this little place with some time on my own.  My goal was to ask a cabbie for a strip club but my Spanish is non existent and I got no where.   Based on some reports I walked the public beech line and kept coming across small groups of bikini clad babes looking like street walkers .. they just had that look.  I parked my self near three and just sat and looked at the water and glanced at them a few times.  It only took about ten minutes and I was blessed one spoke enough English to negotiate all three in a room across the street for 80 bucks.  My only qualm was their age, I don't know but my guess is and pray 18-20 with no proof.  One was pregnant and she spoke English and guided the other two, both most willing, no real time limit other than my own.  Great time. 

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Fantastic newbie's luck! Congrat