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Considering a trip to Philippines and a total newbie at that. any advice? thanks

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Olangopo City (Subic Bay), Angeles City, Ermita and Makati in Manila, Sabang Beach and Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, Cebu, etc, etc. Have fun, bring condoms- Vietnam Rose is alive and well!!

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I was just talking to my female friend last night who is originally from Olangopo City. She said it's way corrupt there. She brought her bf (white guy) to meet the fam for the first time, cops ride to run a scam on them but she faked it like she was a local who happened to be dating a white guy and got out of it. That and I'd be terrified of getting executed by the cops with this new president.

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I recently moved to Manila about 6 months ago for work from SFO. It is like any big city. 3 things to Remember,,, You have to know where to go and not go. If doing hobbyists there just for safety don't travel into the red light area alone, just like any large city. But honestly there is no need to for the girls will come to you. The second locals will try to get as much as they can from taxi driver local markets. If cut everything in half when asking for a undisclosed price is about the real price. 
The last thing are the girls. There are plenty of them to choose from just walking around most casinos and upper neighborhoods, if in Manila that is BGC, Greenbelt- Gloriaette in the evenings just walk around as available girls will make eye contact and you just smile. She will be right over to talk to you most likely asking if you like a relaxing massage. ;-) Becare here because she will try to charge you USA prices because it is  obvious you're a foreigner and the dollar is worth almost 3 times as much there.  Be sure to ask for discuss the details first you don't to go all the way to Manila to pay the same for what you get here. Now for what rates generally are, you get so much move there. You can get a hot looking girl there for 3000 to 5000 ($65 to $100) pesos for 2 to 3 hours with massage and multiple pops. I have my regulars now so I get nice discount now :-) . But at first I was having a different girl every other night. Shit one day I two, one for breakfast and one for bedtime. 
If you to walk around and experience a redlight district lookup Robinson Mall in Metro Manila a lot of hobbyists go there. Not in the but the streets to the south are all the places to visit.  Very comman to see foreigners there and all girls in front of the shops. Just try not to go alone to be on the safe side. 
If want to go out for a trip because you can't host and you don't have someone to go to redlight district with. You can go to a place called Air Force One. It is the top parlor in Manila. It is close to airport but I would recommend staying in a area as mention before and just use Uber or taxi. Uber preferred for taxi if meter is not on will try to charge double for a ride. At Air Force One you can the best girls for 1 hour and 45 min for 5000 pesos ($100) you a get shower,  massage and 1 pop, extra pops are 2500 ($60). Similar to USA palor but a lot more time to relax.  Be safe out there! 

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Believe me, it's way corrupt all over Southeast Asia when it comes to sin. I lived in the PI for 4 years and frequently went solo. Be street wise, self confident, and treat the locals with respect. It's a shark tank and you have to have that spidey sense. Amateurs beware.

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If you like diving AND fucking......Cebuwink