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tophat xxxdude
Since: Sep '14
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I have a business trip coming up in late Jan to visit Singapore. I never been to this part of SE Asia so wanted to know about the hobby scene in Singapore and Malaysia.

- Any websites , physical locations you can recommend?
- Ballpark pricing on an outcall service ? 
- Is the hiring of escort in Malaysia better than Sg?
- What to expect or watch out for ?

Would appreciate any intel.

tophat lovebigpumpum
Since: Aug '14
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Brix club in the basement of the Grand Hyatt (on Scotts Road). Very crowded live music and DJ bar. Lots of expats hang out there. Lots of escorts of almost every nationality you can think of - most are Thai, Filipinas, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese. There are also African girls as well. As with most places in Asia, ladyboys are also plentiful, so buyer beware.  If you are staying at the Grand Hyatt, you get in free (I think admission is ~$20 or so) and can take the girl up to your room. Management is very understanding of this practice. Price varies - depending on duration and what you want, but fairly similar to(California NS rates. Stayed here several times, never had a problem.

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Zeta Bar at the Hilton KL.  Loud, live music, good vibe. Crowded with expats. Usually have lots of women, most of them above 30 and a few prostitutes too (Indonesian). Not everyone is a working girl, so be careful what you assume. Slightly cheaper than Singapore, but not by much. Only stayed here once.


Happy mongering.


tophat dumbass
Since: Jan '15
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Never managed an escort while there (was too busy in Malaysia, plus I was boinking civilians on the beach before arriving in KL for business), but Singapore has to be the best hookers I can imagine in Geylang. Plenty of semi-legal street action, and perfectly legal brothels. All the hookers (including street walkers) are periodically rounded up and tested for diseases. They're really nice and you have your pick of world nationalities. The seven floors of whores in Orchard are a different red light district; to be avoided. I think little India has a redlight street also, but it seemed creepy there. Geylang for you, son.

tophat xxxdude
Since: Sep '14
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Thanks for all the info, quite valuable.
So, if I want to hire a decent girl or women for say few hours of a day, someone who can accompany at the hotel and room etc then is Geylang the right place to pick up / bargain ? I'm hearing mixed opinions of Orchard tower.
My budget would be around $200-300 Sg Dollars.
Any suggestions on where to stay for a 3-4 star hotel ? Near by Geylang.
Looks like I should drop the Malaysia plan as it's not worth the trip to KL. And better focus on SG. What do you say ?


tophat dumbass
Since: Jan '15
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If this is a hobby only trip, S'pore is the way to go. The fact that it is so well organized makes it very desirable for the mongerer. Malaysia is beautiful though; the little islands are great. I will say the Malay women are off the hook beautiful, but my hosts warned me against them in Malaysia.
The only downside to Singapore is the hotels are a bit costly. No idea where to stay in Geylang, but everything is a $20 taxi ride from everything else in Singapore. Like I said, I only partook of incall scene. I have no clue about outcalls. The hotels in Geylang looked like they were mostly short term places. Google is your friend on this subject. Singapore has strict rules; figuring out what they are is important.

tophat Offshore
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Check out sammyboy forum. Tons of local info, mostly by locals. The website looks like it's hosted in some 3rd country but the info is legit. 

If you are looking for a nice girl to spend a couple hours with, expect top shelf about 700 to 1500 usd for the experience. And top shelf believe it or not are local Singaporean girls. 99% of the girls you see at geylang, brix, orchard towers, ktvs or massage places are imports. The locals tend to be agencies only. 

Singapore is an expensive place to be in general. 1 or 2 hours away in Indonesia or Thailand you get a lot more bang for your buck. 

tophat Cultivatedanddiscree
Since: Dec '15
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Agree with everything Offshore has written.

Sammyboy forum has provided great guidance, but beware, information is usually outdated due to frequent rotation of the working ladies.

SBF was good for mongering in KL, too.

tophat Jabberwockt
Since: Mar '16
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Geylang is pretty awesome. Selection is good, quite a few Asian ethnicities to choose from. Lots of Chinese and Thai ladies the last time I went. 

For Kaula Lumpur, The Beach Club Cafe is probably the most famous spot. Lots of Vietnamese ladies. 

tophat lqqkn4ahummer
Since: Oct '14
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When I was in Penang about 5 years ago, a taxi driver hooked me up.  An Indonesian spinner for outcall that was a lot of fun.  Repeated when I went back the following year....

As mentioned above, went to Brix and pulled one out of there.  Wide variety of girls, think she might have been Russian if I remember correctly.  Prices are in line with CA but then again, nothing is cheap in Singapore...

tophat BayArea2010
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I've stayed in some nice places in sG as well as some not so great places and if you are looking for discreet action fusing online services just like here in US is cool and actually not too expensive compared to the type of woman I got. Overall Geylang is the spot. Honestly was there for a week and I ended up hooking up with quite a few lovely women for such a low price I felt bad for some and gave a tip. Like where can you get a bbbj and fs (always use cfs in Asia) with a beauty for less than 50 usd?! It actually made me so stingy when I cameback to the states. Overall be careful of police they are always coming through and I actually had a few close calls but the owners of the (let's call em sex rooms since I forgot the name of those buildings (can be very gross but some are also pretty nice and has a shower). Overall you will have much fun. Enjoy the women, food, and all the culture SG has to offer!;) 

tophat xxxdude
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Thanks for all the valuable info.
i have decided to be in SIN and booked a hotel on Orchard road. What are my options to get a decent girl for couple of hours of RnR at the hotel room?


tophat Offshore
Since: Mar '15
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You can pull one out of Brix which is not that far away. Or if brave enough, Orchard Towers also nearby (aka four floors of whores ...

Or, look up SBF and find an outcall you like and they'll come to the door. 

Have fun!