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Hi All,

I'm new here and to the scene so hope I'm not breaking any rules with my first post.

I'm looking to make a quick trip to Jamaica because I have been in the mood for darker skinned women, can anyone comment on any experiences there?


rose superhead
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stay on the tourist side of the Island yes

Black erotica
tophat MrDiscrete
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While I've been to Jamaica 5X, strangely enough I've never "really" sought out any women in "the business" there. Although there was the super sexy nurse at Sandals Dunns River that treated me "VERY" good cheeky. Back to the subject lol ... I can't tell you much buuut.. I did stumble across this place not far from where the cruise ships landed. It was along the main highway heading towards the beach (if I recall correctly).. It looked like a bar and I had to walk up some steep stairs from the street to the door, but once I went in I found out that booze wasn't all they were selling cheeky

Whenever I'm in a place I don't know about, I ask a somewhat trusted taxi driver where the best (and safest) action is. If you're not use to adventuring in risky areas, I would take the advice of our friend SuperHead and (Stay In The Tourist Areas)

Good Luck 

tophat wellwhynot
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Dominican Republic appears to have what you're looking for in spades!  

Also, my brother when he travels in exotic locations usually hires a driver/body guard.  It can be worth it.  

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I was scared to open this thread thinking I'd read of a lynching of a hobbyist. LOL.


tophat daddy_kool
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Go to Negril and walk down the main street along the beach, they will find you. It won't take long.


tophat Rokdak7
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I've been too Jamaica a few times. Ask your taxi driver. He knows where to go and tell him your preferences. $, size, services. They are all about customer service. He even set me in play while the wife was getting her hair done indreads. its all about the $.