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tophat mikeyd
Since: Jun '15
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If anybody is in town and interested in a meet up feel free to drop a line. here till Feb 

tophat Kratosgow
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Hi I am flying in a couple of days, any recommendations especially where to find ladies for a threesome?

James gandolfini
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Love and miss Pattaya. 

tophat mikeyd
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Hi I am flying in a couple of days, any recommendations especially where to find ladies for a threesome?

Never got a new msg alert... hopefully you've already figured out that the answer is 'everywhere'.  Just roll up to a place and ask the first girl if there are any girls in the bar who like doing 3somes,  you're not cutting any new ground and they've seen and done it all so relax and be confident and it'll work out for you

Fuck, I'm laid out with some respiratory bullshit,, off to the hospital in the am to get this handled 

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Damn lucky dude! I miss Pattaya beach... Fun times. Have a great time. Hope you get better. Enjoy...

tophat jackiechan
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I will be there in March.  Just wondering what it is like since the passing of the Thai King.  I have heard the mourning will be 3 months.  Some other news said 1 year of mourning.  Are the bars or disco closing earlier?  Go go bars tone down?  Music lower? 

tophat mikeyd
Since: Jun '15
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All same same now, Thai people in muted colors - black, grey,  wnite.  But for the most part it's lighten up and mostly back to 'normal'. Mourning period is for 1 year, amazing as an outsider to see how gutted the Thais are by the loss of their King. Every other billboard in Bangkok is some sort of remembrance of the King. Don't think it's possible for westerners to understand how deep this goes 

tophat Notyoavgjoe
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How the heck are you????


I was in Bangkok, Manila and Puerto princesa, Palawan Island two years ago.


tophat mikeyd
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Joe, long time, doing great, great to hear from you.

this might stun/disappoint y'all, but I came home early, honestly I was bored to death. Had business meetings to handle the first week, 2nd week was a great blend of gym, work, girls - and then 3rd week I caught a nasty flu virus that I am just now shaking off the last of it.  Figured I could be more comfortable being sick at home.  

 I'd posted this on PA on my last trip 2 years ago, and I just wasn't able to work through it to where I was having fun.  It just felt like one big money grab (turns out I'd originally posted this on RB, huh):

Day 6 check in.

I've always found that in a good news or bad news situation I usually prefer to get the bad news first. So my bad news - I think I'm fucked out, and I'm bored. Not sure what to attribute it all too to be honest, but that last few ST's that I've had my cock just hasn't been into it. The girls have given spectacular efforts, they continue to validate their sense of pride in their work, clearly disappointed when I "call the time of death" and send them to the showers still not having gotten me to nut. They head to the shower head down and dejected, like they've done something wrong somehow lol. And while I love all the visuals that go along with it I'm just left '...meh'. Pussy is just not the draw for me somehow that it once was. Maybe because there isn't enough kink in it, shit, who knows.

And I'm just bored with it all now, the sheen is off, there isn't anything I haven't seen and I'm feeling like I've got nothing new left to see, nothing to look forward too or new to experience. I've worn the foot condoms at Windmill (yes, for the exact reasons you'd think that someone would need to wear a foot condom before proceeding), made bananas and ice cubes disappear at Babydolls, drank eleventy nine thousand San Miguel Pumpuys all over town and ordered my fair share of sangsom/cokes. Gotten blind on the shit they serve for tequila here on the 6 and at Kinarree. I learned to speak passable Thai after my first trip to Thailand. I've banged young, old, no tits, huge tits, 3 ways, pushed for and gotten the hat trick of mouth, pussy, and finish in the ass when they only want to boom boom. I can't cum these days by BJ so a BJ bar is out, but at this point I'm ready to try anything to introduce a change so I'll prob try that later today. Soi 6 doesn't phase me in the least. In fact, I enjoy fucking around with the Ladyboys on the 6 more than the girls (I've never done a LB for the record, that's a streak I won't break either, just not for me) It's like I walk in a new place and I know exactly what is coming at me, the never ending "where you from?" "you buy me drink?" "wat you name?", the same music, the same disinterested bar girl shuffle on the stage, pressure to pick a girl, spend, spend, spend. Friday night looks like a Tuesday night, all the days blend together. If I see one more stylistically-challenged Russian mope on holiday wearing a stupid locally bought porkpie hat and a camera around his neck dragging his fat ugly whale of a GF or wife down Walking Street taking pictures I'm going to rip his arms from his body and shove them down his throat. What is up with Russians and their love of idiotic hats?? Not the usual hoard of busloads of Chinese in town at the moment, so that is a plus...

So WTF is up with me? Dunno, but honestly I'm kinda concerned.

So highlights of this trip have included my first motorbike rental - brilliant stuff, not sure why I waited this long to rent one but I'll rent one from this point forward every time. <- that's the good news. The bad news is that I experienced my first Police shakedown on Friday around lunch, which thankfully only cost me 700B. And I got pulled over last night at a checkpoint in Jomtien and was asked to 'show me your papers' - I kinda laugh about it now, but it was a bit chilling to have 7 or more very serious BiB gathered around you asking for my papers not knowing exactly what that meant outside of the go-to association of WW2 Germany. I'd fucked something up and I'd made myself a bit too visible at exactly the wrong time. I'll save those stories for a later date. Additionally I have a large 1/2 moon shaped burn on my left shin from leaning up against a hot exhaust pipe on a motorbike in a tight alleyway next to Secrets, along with a smaller half moon from the inside pipe right alongside. Both blistered as shit, nice scars in my future to remember the event by being worked on.

Have a nice condo that I rented in Pratmanuk off Soi 4 this time which was a great decision. I was under the impression that it had a kitchen so that I wouldn't have to eat out all the time, but TIT... Working out in the gym near sukumvit and central most every day with a sea of diff nationalities. I love having fun doing battle with the motorbike taxi riders in traffic when I drop into town, feel like it's getting me ready for roadracing season that opens for me in May at Sears Point. Doing a 2hr straight Thai massage almost every day, for $12 its just to stupid good not too. The thai food can be amazing, the beer is still cold, I love eating the grasshoppers off the carts on the 6 - but something is missing. I'm trying to feel like a local to see about the possibility of spending a few months at a time here during the year, but maybe this is what it feels like to be a local after you've been here for awhile. I need some kind of slumpbuster or something to pop me out of this funk.

So I'm open to suggestions and comments. More to come fuckers

Anyhow, back home, working hard on the house and getting shit done.  The little slave giri is serving well, my kink is currently satisfied but some rope courses coming up in my future that I'm looking fwd to.


tophat peckerotis
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Simple- you're jaded. Too much, too fast, and too easy. Maybe you're heading in the ladyboy direction--

tophat unerkannt
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  I was thinking of this scene from blazing saddles :-)

 But I can understand where you're coming from. You get to the age where just about every experience is a BTDT

tophat mikeyd
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I think the key for me in all of this is communication, and the ability to communicate with those around me.  My first trip was a struggle because I wanted to interact more and at a more native level.  So I came home and took 3-4 mo of Thai lessons over skype to build some decent fluency.  Things opened up much more for me on the trip after to the point that I was translating for others.  Now I'm bogged back down again, and if I'm going to get comfy with traveling there again then in order to have better experiences I need to be fluent in Thai.  Not easy, but not impossible if I put some effort into it.   I love Thailand, the country, the people and the culture and its subtle and not so subtle quirks - being able to experience it in more depth based on being able to communicate would be amazing and open up a whole new world, kind of like the first round of learning did.  On the downside learning Thai doesn't buy me anything outside of Thailand, it's not like learning Spanish (which I'm trying to do as well).   But I can see being there more often.  Right now the unstated goal in my head is to hire a road bike and tour the country and really seeing it, then finding an area I like as part of the trip to end up spending time in more often.  I've enjoyed being gone from Halloween to Jan1 the past few years, avoiding all the holiday stress and bullshit, all the cold weather.  So I've got a year to get some more learning under my belt, and then try it again next winter and see what changes open up for me.  fwiw

> Simple- you're jaded. Too much, too fast, and too easy. Maybe you're heading in the ladyboy direction--

nah mate, the last thing I am is jaded.  In the midst of all of it I still have a great sense of gratitude that I've fixed my life and can experience these things whenever I want to.  I will acknowledge that when I've got a big load on on Soi 6 that there are a few ladyboys that I think "hmmm", but it would end up being one of those things where the rubber hits the road and I'd sober up real quick and pay my way out of it to fix the error of my ways.  Not for me. 

tophat wellwhynot
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Honestly not a bad position to be in!  That means you've fulfilled your sexual bucket list.  I'm sure we all wish we could be in those shoes.  You may just need to step this all up a notch though.  At this point it all becomes mental and not physical.  That I do understand.  Without knowing your kinks I'd suggest trying things out with a non-pro and seeing what trouble you can push them.  Have her take on a LB or something along those lines.  You can always stop in a different country such as Korea and find a civie and ask her to join you.  You'd be really surprise what can happen.  It appears you have some game so take it as a challenge.     Right now I do not have the money for the hobby so I've made myself available to fuck wives while their husband/bf watches.  For some reason I really enjoy fucking the hell out of someone else's girl.  I can tell you the best time I ever had was fucking the girl of a lesbian while she watched.