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Thanks to MistyJohn's tips, I was able to book hotel nearby Nana Plaza. After exploring the nearby night market, and going up and down the stairs of the plaza, my buddy and I ended up at Spanky's. The young mamasan's then threw Soda (Thai people have cute nicknames) literally on my lap. She had a bubbly personality and was fun to have beside you. She kept jokingly motioning for a BJ, so I gave in. After negotiations and paid a bar fine, she went off to dress in her street clothes. Though she mentioned we can do the deed at some place upstairs, I told her I had hotel room nearby. On the walk to hotel, she wanted to buy a stuffed toy, I figured was once of the money pits of the trade but if it leads to a better fuck, why not (after all, the exchange rate is good and I just saw a streetwalker who'd I'd like to fuck for another night)? We breezed into the hotel with no questions from the staff, but some older conservative gentlemen kept their distance from her in the elevator (make you wonder about the irony, we're in a hotel in the middle of a red light district, even the bellhop was ok about me bringing a guest back). Once we got into the room, she took off her overalls jhorts (jean shorts=Daisy Dukes for us older folks) to real sexy black underwear. She mentioned she's in her twenties and she proved it right when she revealed a tight supple body. She blew me and sucked all night. Just when I thought I had nothing left to give, she asked me to put on a cover and rode me hard (make sure you bring one, she had to ask on the way, I was already prepared). I already blew up and she still kept going. After cuddling for a while and cleaning up, I walked her back to Spanky's. 

More adventures tonight.

James gandolfini
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Awesome man!!! remember.. Pics for your brothers back here, so we can live vicariously through you...

or write up the experience and post pics like this...

btw, if you want the girl from Day 3, ping me, ill give you her number, she'll come to your room.. shes awesome.. (She lives in bkk)

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nice read….im going in march…:)

tophat davidkopkin
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Thanks MistyJohn!

My buddy and I spent the whole afternoon in the temple district, we got dehydrated. We felt a little weak in the evening. Should keep drinking water and eat fruits. We went our separate ways in the evening since we have our bearing around town. He went to Soi Cowboy and I wanted to check out the soapy massage. Too tired to hit the Haui Kwang area up north, for the massage parlors I settled for Annie's a block away from Nana. I picked out Dao, a slightly curvy natural girl from the lineup and she had the perfect body for body slide soapy massage. Despite the language barrier, she just kept making funny faces and mock my laugh in return (in good fun). Despite my weakened state, I can still get my little man up during the body slide but enough not to blow up prematurely. We hit the tub and started out with mutual touching. I was able to reach around for some FIV and got her to tremble and moan then she started biting my nip hard. She then slid over my man over and over then rode me hard. I thought things were over when I dried off and got ready to change, then she pointed to a bed and said "90 minutes" (the price I paid for, I lost track of time), then she frenched me and rode me again. I couldn't think of even changing positions because I was so tired but she managed to make me climax. After wiping me off, she gave me a lite swedish oil massage to take care of the sore muscles. I dozed off and she mocked my snore after I got up. I tipped her well as you suggested.

Last day today, just contemplating if I could go at it one more time. Lol. Resting and rehydrating during the day.