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tophat Oldfox85
Since: Aug '15
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Wife will be away on business first or second week of January. Have always wanted to check out TJ--a lot of my friends go but have always turned down the invitation because wouldnt want any of them knowing and risking it somehow getting back to the SO. Planning a 1 night trip first  or second week ofJan--probably fly out in the morning and fly back the next day early afternoon. Will be a solo trip if it comes down to it but it's my first time going so wouldn't mind traveling with like minded individuals that have maybe been before. Let me know if anyone is interested in meeting up! 

tophat playplayja
Since: Jun '16
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My friend and I are going TJ Jan 1st to Jan 4th. We can meet over there in HK club. Message me if interested to meet.

tophat Anonguy2016
Since: Dec '16
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I haven't been, lets meet at HK.