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tophat Tesh
Since: Oct '15
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I am thinking to go to DR. Anybody has solid Intel where to go and where to monger. RB used to have tons of info on DR.

James gandolfini
tophat MistyJohn
Since: Jul '14
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Wait till after the Hurricane...

Things will be super cheap..

tophat Victor93720
Since: Aug '14
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I'm about to go on a monger trip to DR on the 12th of October.  I will be back on the 19th, and I will post a full account.

I'm staying at one of the all inclusive adult resorts for part of the trip, and staying at a local hotel near all the nightclubs for the rest, so I will be able to give a full comparison.


Wilson pic
tophat LanceWoodrow
Since: Oct '15
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Looking forward to it. Have always been curious about those adult resorts

tophat Megatron
Since: Aug '14
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Second that. DR is a fantasy for me that I don't know if I ever get to it. With me being on the West coast AND with ball n chain I can only dream seeing all the infos and videos off the Net.

As an ebony spinner connoisseur DR would be heaven for me! Can't wait to read about your trip report...  yes

PS:  Please pretty please don't forget to take some pics of chicas  smiley

PPS:  Last but not least have a wonderful terrific trip!  yes

tophat wellwhynot
Since: Sep '14
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Friends of mine went to Cuba years ago and had a blast. There are also plenty of ebony spinners there as well. I'm betting now is the time to go there.  

I also have seen a site in the past about a place in DR where your room came with a girl or girls that looked gorgeous.  

tophat Squiggy
Since: Feb '15
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Check out the new Fuddruckers-  it just opened there in the 360  Mall
 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic    809-567-3833

tophat texker
Since: Aug '15
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Where is the full account?

tophat Victor93720
Since: Aug '14
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I posted about Dominican Republic in two separate topics.  Had a great time, and I will go back some day soon to DR.  Been busy going to Tijuana, and have a trip planned for Medellin, Columbia next week...