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rose Serenitylux
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Since Alaska isn’t represented here, here’s a thread.  Post here for anything Alaska.

You can also contact me if you are visiting or thinking of visiting Alaska.  I live in Anchorage and know about the hobby scene and all about sights to see, places to stay, foods to eat and sites to find real reliable safe escorts. Send me an email or hit me up on my website. 


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rose michelleinthebay
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Well I am born and raised there :)

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rose Serenitylux
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You never stop being Alaskan. I moved away for ten years and came back. Everything and everyone here feels so much more authentic compared to other places I’ve been in the US. When I go to the lower 48 I feel like I stepped into an MTV reality TV show.  

tophat Luv2playwu
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I love that area. I worked in Fairbanks for 6 years and had some great times there. A bit cold sometimes in the winter, but summers were awesome.

Point Barrow is really different, not like the tropics in Anchorage. LOL...

I will send you a pm, I am interested in services while I am in Anchorage.

Thanks for the pretty shots!   Are you part Native?

tophat matigas
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I have family that live in Ancorage. I plan on taking a trip there sometime this year. I would like more info about the hobby scene out there. I sent you a PM