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tophat publicdrunkiness
Since: Feb '15
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The refresh problem has been tested and resolved. If you experience the issue where you can no longer send messages from when you open the chat page, please let me know. I'll post this over in the features forum as well. Happy chatting!

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rose 2harmonizeme
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the problem still persists.... 

tophat prong
Since: Apr '17
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Not sure if it's my internet connection but chat rooms won't load up, no messages either.

tophat Squiggy
Since: Feb '15
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I think they were removed a year ago.  Cuz if I go in- no ones ever there.

tophat foothillrain
Since: Jan '17
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I was just there. Took a few seconds before the chatroom contents appeared. It took a refresh to post my message which was routinely ignored. Oh well. 

tophat foothillrain
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I find chat a wonderful way to talk to myself. And see the NEW gals in all their erotic fabulossity.